A Brief Note On Professional And Political Courage Essay

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Professional and political courage is highly needed in nursing leaders and nurse managersin order to help guide nurses towards collective health, medical and social model of health. Nursing leaders interested in advocacy develop several beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives that influence policy formation like insurance (Abood, 2014). Based on my experiences on roles of Advance Practical Registered Nurse (APRN) and advocate within health policy and political arenas I have developed several beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives of advocacy in nursing. One of the beliefs is that advocate nurses have the mandate to initiate policy proposals in the health care system. I believe nurses are in better position to initiate policy proposals because they interact with patients as well as their families. After attending previous workshop on nursing advocacy and policy formulations as well as discussions with friends, family, and workmates, I learned that nurses are the first people to observe the ineffectiveness of the health care system in meeting patient needs. This has shaped my belief in nurses being in a position to initiate policy proposals. During their day-to-day activities, nurses are in good position to see the effect of a certain health care policy on patients and the best way to develop a comprehensive policy changes to address patient needs (Abood, 2014). It is clear that they come face to face with the challenges patients face in access to health care services. As a result,…

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