A Brief Note On Police And Public Relations Essay

1857 Words Dec 10th, 2015 8 Pages
Police and public relations Police and public relations are at the top of the list in today’s going concern and is quite often developed by these hardships, maintaining a positive image is hard for police officer 's to do. The influence that the commentary have about Michael Brown 's case was a negative impact. Furthermore, policies can improve their public relations with citizens by increasing their informal contact with citizens. The media influence the public to have a negative impression on all police officers. The media do it to increase their ratings. It makes it seems as if all police officers are bad cops. Sometimes the media know the truth about high profile cases but fail to tell the truth because they know the public will buy almost anything they sell. The major issue with this is that people will believe all the negatives that the media holds about the police. All the negative news seems to escalate much faster than positive news in general. There was recently an instance in Chicago, IL where a police officer had shot and killed a guy that was already in police custody. That police officer has been charged with murder and there were people protesting in Chicago because of it. That instance, there proves that the media take high profile cases and paint a negative influence on all police officers. The good work and good cops seem to not be mentioned as much as the bad deeds. Cases such as the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, MO, an 18 year old black male…

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