Essay on A Brief Note On Police And Black Community

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Police and Black Community

Currently, the actual relation between the African American community and the United States police is going through a bad time. That is why, this problem has become in one of the recent civil disorders in the United States because of the police brutality, and their discriminatory acts to black people. While the election of Barack Obama as president had seemed to be a new era in American race relations; the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, made clear that anything had changed. Many African American communities allege that the police routinely use excessive force against members of minority populations (Wintersmith, 1974). During the last years, the grotesque and routine police violence against African Americans has provoked several civil problems like the great Los Angeles riots. The protests against these police killings have taken the form of movements to reform police practices and change the nature of police training, as well as the treatment to people; in order to avoid acts of racism and discrimination, especially to black people. One cause of this bad relation between African American and the United States police is the racial profiling that is being practiced by the police. However, to understand the cause of this racial profiling; we have to go back to the years 1645-1864 when African people were slaves; and therefore, they were treated as a minority…

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