A Brief Note On Media And Stereotype. Essay

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Media and Stereotype

I have always been a very open minded person, throughout out my life and even until now, I’ve befriended people from all ethnic and racial background. I didn’t care where they came from or what they believed in, I didn’t judge unless they bad mouthed another person for their belief or color. I was raised very openminded by my father who was very openminded himself. He had friends of all backgrounds. So, he preached to us as kids to not judge other even though they judged us back because you don’t know the person, unless you get to know the inner person, than you can judge. However, not until I was in high school that I experience bullying for being Asian, mostly from Blacks and Whites. It really put a toll on me and eventually I became disgusted for being Asian. On a daily basis, I hear the typical racial slurs that are said to me like “chink, tight eye, weakling, girly, nerd and cat or dog eater”. These were typical. I knew they weren’t true, but somehow people especially kids had the idea that they were, and so they kept terrorizing me about it. Many times throughout being taunted and harassed, my older brother and I stood up and fought against them, however, they usually outnumbered us four to one and would usually get beaten down. So, I would go home question as to why they constantly taunt us with these silly fabricated images of Asian? I knew it wasn’t true, but where did it come?

I was reluctant to have take…

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