Essay on A Brief Note On Marketing Management

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Meijer Management
I started at Meijer right after high school in 2008 in Corunna Michigan. My position was 3rd shift grocery stocker. I started out slow and wasn’t really getting the hang of things but then after some time everything started to click and I became the fastest stocker they had. I was averaging 120 cases per hour and the bench mark was 60 cases an hour. So once the main frozen guy retired my managers decided I should be the guy to replace him as head of the frozen department. They also wanted me to start taking management classes so that I would be on track to one day maybe getting a management position there. Once I completed my management training there was a spot open for management so I had an interview but unfortunately didn’t get the job. They told me they wanted me to get a little older before they would consider me for management. Well then my parents decided to move to Grand Rapids, MI. I was able to transfer to 28th and Kalamazoo Meijer store #311 and worked in their frozen department for a few months before my manager’s spot became open. The store director thought that I was a good fit to move to that position so he didn’t hold any interviews not even for me he just handed the position to me.
A typical day for a manager at Meijer can vary from different positions that you hold. All managers’ start the day with reading your emails in case any recalls of any product come through or if any employees call in and another manager had received that call.…

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