A Brief Note On International Business Times ( Ibtimes ) Essay

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The first source is an online news article from International Business Times also known as IBTimes. International Business Times (IBTimes) is a growing digital news publication founded in 2005. The online publication covers breaking news in international business and offers in depth information that is relevant to each global market. Each month it delivers news to an audience of 30 million people worldwide. IBTmes headquarters is based in New York but they also publish news in seven other countries and four different languages. The article was published on the websites technology and social media section on July 2nd 2014. “Selfies And Plastic Surgery: How Social Media Is Causing More People To Go Under The Knife For Cosmetic Purposes”. This article targets female audience who want to learn more about cosmetic surgery and hear about the dangers of going under the knife from professional doctors in the field. The article would also benefit readers who are interested in the business aspect of cosmetic surgery and the role it plays in culture AROUNF THE WORLD.

The article is written in a bias manner, the language style and the quotes from professional cosmetic surgeons were chosen to make the audience see one side of the story more than the other. Although some aspects of the article are bias it’s done is subtle way where the audience doesn’t feel that they are being persuaded into to seeing the one side. The Arthur has chosen to focus the article on social medias role in…

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