A Brief Note On Humans And Fish Are Nothing Alike Essay

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Chapter 2 Dispute: “Humans and fish are nothing alike: we have hands with finger, they have fins.

My Dispute Statement: They may not look like it, but humans and fish are very alike in that they have similar bone structures and limb patterns. The dispute is already scientifically disproven in many ways stating that we are similar to fish in many ways. It may not look like a fish as a similar limb structure as humans but it is true. Shubin writes, “The fins of lungfish have at their base a single bone that attaches to the shoulder. To anatomists, the comparison was obvious” (33). A scientist named Sir Richard Owen discovered a pattern with in our limbs and how the bones connected and with many other different types of limbs like fins. These exceptional similarities provided a basis for comparing fish limbs to human limbs. Not only are the limbs similar but more discoveries show that fish also share fingers and wrists. A Swedish Paleontologist studied Greenland for fossils and came up with remarkable discoveries of fish with fully developed limbs with wrists and toes. The disputes statement is completely wrong because even though fish have fins, they have fingers underneath. As the author studied more fish including the Tiktaalik, they found many more similarities between humans and fish. Shubel writes, “Tiktaalik has a shoulder, elbow, and wrist composed of the same bones as an upper arm, forearm, and wrist in a human.” This not only shows that the structure of fish is…

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