A Brief Note On Fish And Other Sea Animals Essay

1806 Words Apr 15th, 2016 8 Pages
People love to fish. Some people as a way to live, others for sport or competition, and others fish because it is their business and source of income. Also people love the idea of having fresh fish or other ocean creatures available without the burden of them catching it themselves. The demand for sea life and the convenience of easily obtaining any kind a person desires can lead to a craze of catching more than what is needed. From the surface, the average human does not see the impact overfishing has on the ocean and other water sources. People use sealife creatures abundantly because they do not see the effects that their actions have on the aquasystem. Fisherman catch for numbers and profit not according to guidelines set in place for safe but yet productive fishing trips and gains. Businesses contract fisherman and fishing expedition companies to meet their quota for the year/season, adding to the race for the products under the sea. Fish and other sea animals are great for many reasons: eating, keeping as pets, conducting research, and using them for their resources. Some may say exploiting the ocean for what is underneath is not a big deal , however a toll is starting to be taken on the welfare of the general welfare of sea life. Overfishing, one of the most complicated topics of the last decade deals, with the endangerment of many fish species, the strict laws that have been passed in response to depreciating marine quality, and the environmental challenges it…

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