A Brief Note On Diabetes And The Psychological Affects The Disease

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Diabetes or hyperglycemia is described or defined as the inability to produce insulin, thus, this inability to reduce insulin causes an increase in glucose levels. Hypoglycemia is problematic as well, this occurs when an individual’s blood glucose levels drop beyond normal levels (decrease). According to our text there are several forms of diabetes Type II which affects the way the body processes glucose; Type I in which the pancreas produces little to no insulin; prediabetes which is determined by A1C blood work test to confirm if a person has predetermined factors and the values are high but not high enough for one to be considered diabetic; and lastly Gestational diabetes which affects pregnant women, typically this type of diabetes resolves after the child is born; however, the child is at risk of developing diabetes.
During this discussion, I will confer diabetes and the psychological affects the disease has on Lila using the information gathered from the Family SOC313 document below:
Lila, age 47, is married to Al Goldberg. She is a Social Worker for the state. Her job is very stressful as her caseload includes at-risk children. There is a great deal of documentation required; therefore, she works many 10 to 12 hour days. Lila is overweight and has Type II diabetes. She has not controlled her weight or diabetes well. Recently, her doctor changed her medication. She is now taking daily insulin injections to help manage her diabetes.
How might Lila’s…

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