Essay on A Brief Note On Death And The Afterlife

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Death and the afterlife are two important topics in religions with most having different ideas about what happens when someone dies as well as where they go or become. Hinduism and Buddhism are often grouped together when discussing religions, however, when it comes to these topics they have very different ideas. At the surface they may seem similar to an outsider but when really studied it is obvious that they are two totally separate concepts. They have fragments of their thoughts and rites that are the same, but it is important to understand that they, as a whole, are not. Hindus believe that everything has a soul and that when something dies the soul is reincarnated. This means that death is not the end, but rather a part of the cycle of samsara. The only way this cycle can be stopped is if the soul is liberated, or receives moksha. Hindus will often prepare themselves for death or even travel to Varanasi so that they may receive moksha because being a part of samsara is not desirable. Hindus believe that a good death would be one that they could control for the most part when their natural time has come, and a bad death would be a violent or early death. If someone does not obtain moksha then they are reincarnated based on their karma which could make them a worse class or a better one. Buddhists, like Hindus, believe in reincarnation and that this cycle can be stopped through something called Nirvana. Nirvana can be achieved through by getting rid of…

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