Essay A Brief Note On Culture And Women Ideals

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Culture and Women Ideals There are different ways that people see each other and how they should be treated. Gender inequality is a topic that surrounds the idea that there is still difference in the world that separates people from seeing each other equally. Feminism is the idea that there should be equality in the the theory of the political, economic, and social means of the sexes. However this is not the the belief of every individual in the world. There are many factors that change the way people view each other, for example, society, and the economy. However, the most powerful aspect that changes a person’s views on women and people in general is culture and who is constantly influencing them. Understanding why the equality between men and women is important because it is an issue that has been ignored for too long. Many choose to criticize women and men that consider themselves feminist because they do not understand the real impact of it and how it affects a person’s daily life. People treat each other with the disregard
Beyond culture, people are constantly connected through social media. While this is a good way to communicate and connect with others, it alters the way that humans see each other and how they treat one another on a daily basis. Social media has a big impact on how people create their identity and how it helps shape a person socially. “If women are ever to achieve equality as leaders, then we have to stop accepting male behavior and male choices…

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