The Roles Of Men And Women In Society

Throughout history, society has always held certain attitudes towards men and women. These include their jobs, their behavior, and the way they should act. These attitudes can be harmful to people when they do not fit into the classic views of society, causing them emotional and mental distress. Although some changes have taken place, many traditional values towards the roles of men and women still exist in the workplace, the home, and in personal relationships.
While many workplaces are becoming more equal towards men and women, many still hold biases. Many people believe that everyone is treated equal in the workplace, however women still only make around seventy seven cents for every dollar that men make. Even when women have the same schooling
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It is expected that when a couple decides to have children the mother will stay at home and take care of them. She is expected to cook and clean, and the father is the one to go to work, and to support the family. However, this is no longer the case for many families. An increase in the cost of living has led many families to have both parents working and sending their children to daycare. In other families, both parents work because they choose to. The women no longer feel forced to give up her career to have a family, and many women enjoy having a job and children. This has also led to an increase in stay at home dads, allowing women to continue in the work force. Women are still expected to be the ones to cook and clean, and take care of things around the house. Joanna Altschuler, author of “Meaning of Housework and Other Unpaid Responsibilities among Older Women,” explains that working women “often end up doing a second shift at home,” because they must come home to cook and clean (146). While this is still a major part of how society works, the men and children are becoming more involved in household chores. Even though these biases still exist, families are leaving the traditional roles of men and women, and doing what works best for their …show more content…
Many people have a certain set of qualities they assume that every man should have. These include being strong, having the ability to fix things, and not showing their emotions. One of the main reason males get picked on is because they are not as manly as society thinks they should be. When any situation appears, most people will look toward the men to make the decisions and find a solution. This puts a lot of pressure on men, and often times they do not know of a solution any better than women would. Because society has this image that males need to be masculine all the time, they have taken away the ability for men to display their emotions. Due to this men are keeping things to themselves and having a hard time expressing their feelings. It is seen as a weakness if men cry, but women are not judged for it. Bob Pease, author of “The Politics of Gendered Emotions,” describes that “men’s physical health is placed at risk because men are unable to recognize the emotional cues of illness and disease” (129). Because of these biases men are put at higher risk of mental disease and emotional

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