A Brief Note On Colorado 's Accountable Care Collaborative Organization

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In my hometown state of Colorado, one of the piloting states who are currently implementing a new delivery and payment source for Medicaid beneficiaries. With coordination of an array of health services where financial risk are on now focused on the providers now, instead of the consumer carrying the large burden of hefty costs. Colorado’s Accountable Care Collaborative Program is providing Medicaid beneficiaries care through an accountable care organization (ACO) delivery model (Edwards, Rodin, & Silow-Carroll, 2013). This new implementation is helping to organize those who currently are using or new to enroll into the Medicaid program by selecting providers in their area that accept this insurance. With help from contracted liaisons called regional care collaborative organization (RCCO) advocating on behalf of the customer collaborating with primary care medical providers (PCMP) (Edwards, Rodin, & Silow-Carroll, 2013). “Medicaid oversees that the regions get the medical management, admin support, while they seek to ensure care coordination to the Medicaid enrollees and integrate smoothly with the care in hospitals, with social services and specialist” (Ellis, Gifford, & Smith, 2014. All states were required be part of a standardized process for enrollment and eligibility when enrolling into the exchange for a streamlined process across all states effective 2014. This made enrollment easier and now eligible to those who once did not qualify because of the ACA.…

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