A Brief Note On Canada 's Healthcare System Essay

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Canada’s healthcare system consists of a universal health plan that covers all Canadian citizens. While the federal government sets guidelines, the provinces and territories publicly fund and administer healthcare. This analysis of Canada’s healthcare system will explore the health act, provincial and private health insurance, public healthcare providers, private clinics, accessing health care, and healthcare funding. By providing the basic knowledge of the healthcare system, I will answer the question of whether private insurance is a better solution and how wait times can be reduced.
Canada Health Act
Before the Canada Health Act came into place, two previous acts were enacted to govern Canada’s health care, the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Act and the Medical Care Act. The combination of the two acts, brought together The Canada Health Act, which received Royal Assent on April 1, 1984. This Act defines the conditions that provinces and territories must follow to continue to receive funding for health care services. The five key components of the health act are:
1. Public administration: a public authority on a non-profit basis will carry out all administration of provincial health insurance.
2. Comprehensiveness: all necessary health services must be insured.
3. Universality: same level of health care is insured to all residents.
4. Portability: even if someone moves to a different province or territory, they are still entitled to insurance from their original…

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