A Brief Note On Borderline Personality Disorder ( Bpd ) Is Shame

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One of the specific emotions that has been strongly linked to borderline personality disorder (BPD) is shame. The purpose of this study was to examine whether BPD patients have a stronger reaction to shame after a shame-inducing exercise. The study also included women with major depressive disorder (MDD) and women for the healthy control group (HC). The study asked participants to rate the intensity of various emotions after being read potentially shameful situations. These emotions included shame, anger, anxiety, sadness, joy, annoyance, and boredom. The participants were tested before, immediately after, and three, six, and eight minutes after the story was finished. The paper examines the results of the study and how those results can help better understand and treat patients with BPD.

Effects of Shame Induction in Borderline Personality Disorder
The exercise consisted of a three minute short story that described a job interview that started off well until the subject of the story makes several awkward mistakes. The story ends with the subject standing up and ripping his/her pants and the interviewers laughing. The story was presented to the participants by an actress through earphones. A neutral story was also presented to the participants as a control. The story was similar in length and consisted of a person’s morning routine. The participants had no emotional reaction to the control story. The stories were presented in a random order…

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