A Brief Note On Barriers And Limitations Of Healthcare Essay

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Barriers and Limitations
HCAHPS is a standardized survey to measure patients ' perspectives about their hospital care. HCAPHPS established a national standard for collecting and reporting information that allows hospitals to be compared to one another. The public reporting of hospital data is critical for multiple reasons such as patient choice and financial payments are based on hospital performance. According to Rodack, “Hospitals ' scores on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey are becoming increasingly important for hospitals to maintain market s and avoid losing reimbursement. Under the value-based purchasing program, hospitals could be financially penalized for low HCAHPS scores. In addition, hospitals ' increased transparency and patients ' greater involvement in choosing their hospital will force hospitals to provide a positive experience to attract patients”.
Multiple barriers to effective discharge teaching have been identified including ineffective communication, lack of education, literacy of the patient, difficulty remembering their medication schedule, lack of patient understanding, lack of written information, and lack of standardized discharge processes.
Unnecessary hospital readmissions happen for a number of reasons including inadequate discharge planning, difficulty adhering to medication plans and lack of education .However , at the root of all those reasons are communication or the lack there of. Poor…

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