A Brief History Of Eric Chase Essay

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Derek Revisky
History 102
Eric Chase

A Brief History of Homeopathy in America

As a medic in the army I began my career knowing absolutely nothing about medicine. At the beginning of my training I was trained to respond to catastrophic injuries and situations. During my first deployment, my soldiers began (for reasons I know understand as more complicated) not responding to Ibuprofen and water as a cure for aches and pains. Coming back from that deployment I understood that I was limited by my professional license as well as my duties in my profession to only practice medicine that I was limited to. So I began with the help of my provider an interdisciplinary on how alternative medicine could be used in response to the chronic sports injuries that plagued my battalion. I began with physical therapy techniques that were on the cutting edge such as Keniso tape therapy and active release therapy. I soon began private lessons with the Brigade surgeon, a doctor of osteopathy, who trained me in the manipulation of the spine. I began to understand that the world of medicine is not what it seems. Thus began my quest to understand the history of medicine specifically alternative medicine in America. During the eighteenth century and in to the early decades of the nineteenth Americans believed the health was restored because of the four humors. This belief had been practiced since the days of the Greeks. Often when ill men and women were bled up to 70 percent of their blood.…

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