A Brave New World Psychological Analysis

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Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is based on the future and the year is 632 A.F. where some students are being given a guided tour through the London Hatcheries. In the London Hatcheries, embryos are bottled and are conditioned to remove the desire and the need for human relationships and strong emotions. A lot of people in this society take soma which is described as the “perfect drug” which they use to escape any moment of dissatisfaction. Henry Foster and Lenina Crowne are two workers of the center who have been dating for quite some time, which goes against state rules. As a result, Lenina decides to date Bernard Marx, who is intelligent but not as intelligent as the rest of his social class. Lenina and Bernard have decided to go on a vacation to a Savage Reservation in New Mexico, where people that were not worthy of Utopia, were sent there to live. On the reservation, the residents live in an almost very old fashioned manner. Before Bernard leaves for his vacation, he is warned by Tomakin, the Director of Hatcheries, about him acting …show more content…
Bernard is enjoying the attention he is getting because of John however, when John Refuses to meet some of Bernard’s important guest, their popularity decreases. John soon starts to hate the ways of how the New World is being runned and becomes very unhappy. John then tries to convince the Utopians that the way their society is being ran isn’t the right way and that they should fight. Rebellion results and must be quelled. Bernard and Helmholtz Watson are blamed for the rebellion and the two of them are taken to Mustapha Mond, where they are exiled. John on the other hand is kept alive for further experimentation. John then moves to a lighthouse where he whips himself to rid himself of his sins. John at the end is so disgusted in the society’s expectations and how they are raised to feel little emotion that he hangs

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