A Book That I Don 't Think I Will Ever Forget Essays

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Your overall reaction to the novel. What did you appreciate? What annoyed you? What made you react in some way?

-Stephanie Oakes, a writer that I had never heard of, wrote a book that I don’t think I will ever forget. From the beginning of the novel, I was already hooked. Her writing was very compelling and it is what drew me to read chapter after chapter. Another thing that I appreciated throughout the novel was how she wrote her chapters. I liked how she condensed the chapters and filled them with only pertinent information. The thing that annoyed me about the novel was how she left a lot of unanswered questions at the ending of the novel. She made it an open ending leaving it up to the reader to interpret what would happen to Minnow in the future, but I wanted questions to be answered. I felt like the topic of a religious cult spoke to me. I’ve never been apart of a cult but I did go to Catholic school for nine years of my life and compared to other people my age I felt out of place. I could relate to Minnow because I was always told what to believe in but when I graduated and went to high school, I grew up and made my own choices about theories of the world. Despite the fact that the topic of a religious cult is a difficult topic to write about, I feel like Oakes did a great job writing about it, sparing no details.

Character development: explain how the character behaves at the beginning of the novel, how the character behaves at the end of the novel, and…

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