A Black Man By Michael Brown Essay

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Michael Brown, a black man, was brutally shot on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, by white police officer, Darren Wilson. Brown was an unarmed man who did commit a small crime, but nothing worth his brutal murder. There are different accounts about what truly happened during this violent encounter. The belief that discrimination was a part of this death led to protests by the black community and violence preceded this. This violence could have been stopped if officer Wilson had just worn a body camera. The black community believes that Brown’s death was caused because of racial discrimination, which is what started the protests. Just a week after the shooting of Brown, a curfew was set in the St. Louis suburb where he was shot because “violence flared anew after a week of protests over the killing” of Brown (Bosman and Blinder). Protesters ignored the curfew set following the shooting and spoke out about the discrimination anyway. As a result of this defiance, the police force arrested seven people, shot one person, and smoke and tear gas were used on the mass as well. This all happened because of one altercation between an officer and a black civilian. Imagine two deaths, seven people arrested, and tear gas cast upon Carmel; regardless, his would create an upheaval in any small place. None of this would have happened if officer Wilson got punished for the crime he committed shooting an unarmed man. This is also the time when the controversial issue of…

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