A Better War, The Unexamined Victories And Final Tragedy Of America

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A Better War The Vietnam War was very controversial war among American’s. In the book “A Better War, The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America’s Last Years in Vietnam”. Westmoreland was more concerned with a “kill count” versus a more focused view of the bigger picture. Whereas, Abrams was a “one war” concept type of General. The situation at home when General Creighton Abrams took command in late 1968 as the COMUSMACV Commander. The civil unrest was getting progressively worse as evidenced by the assassinations of both Martin Luther King Jr and Senator Robert Kennedy. The Vietnam War did not help the cause any because the news stations were reporting that the war efforts were a great success knowing that the United States of America was losing thanks to General Westmoreland. The TET offensive was a movement from the North Vietnamese Army to take control of the C2 Cells that were controlled by the U.S. and ARVN. This was an unsuccessful move on the North Vietnamese. Abrams tactics differed in that he looked more at the big picture and the final outcome rather than focusing on the small details. Under Westmoreland things were more confused and strung out with nothing really being accomplished with him focusing on the kill count rather than the full extent of the war. Abrams focused on protecting the population of South Vietnam and preempting and logistically interrupting the NVA in order to prevent them from initiating attacks. Abrams approach to the Vietnam…

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