Essay about A Analysis On Mobile Operating Systems

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Lesson 6 Case Studies
Kayoung Oh
International American University
BUS 530: Management Information System
Matthew Keogh
February 15, 2015 Assignment on Week 6

A tablet PC platform emerges to compete with the PC as a business system. Apple opens its iPhone software to developers, and then opens an Apps store on iTunes where business users can download hundreds of applications to support collaboration, location, based services, and communication with colleagues. 1. Introduction / Overview
Mobile operating system (OS) is the software that can be a smart phone, a tablet PC, and other devices to be able to run the application program. As I wrote, tablet PC is very close to our life.

2. Why you selected the topic
One of the necessities of modern living in the present is a smartphone and Tablet PC. In the past, we use computer when we had to see internet article and so on. But we just use smartphone or tablet PC whenever and wherever we want to. The smartphone and tablet PC located in the modern necessities chose this topic to see if how much influence on our lives.

3. Major milestone in the development of the topic
In June 2021, Kate who is working in the company, entered the company as soon as turn on the tablet PC. Location and the faces of colleagues for a meeting today with that application 'mobile office ', the day will be displayed. Click on the images of the boss, and then send a text message. Lunch time, the company appears the figure of Kate 's…

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