`` 9 / 11 Attacks `` By Brian Doyle Essay

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On September 11th, 2001, tragedy struck the United States of America when a terrorist group called “Al-Qaeda” attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. By hijacking several planes, the terrorist group was successful in taking down both Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon by collision, killing thousands of people onboard the flights and in the buildings. The United States has taken years to recover from the attack but the underlying fear and terror will always stand ground. This constant invisible fear is vibrant in an article written by Brian Doyle, an American author and can be contrasted to an article titled “9/11 Attacks”. The two authors wrote about the same topic of September 11th but took two very different approaches to their purposes. After a close analysis of both texts, it is evident that the two literary works are complete binaries in terms of their tones. This is suggested through the uses of Logos vs. Pathos, Technical vs. Creative Writing and literary devices. These binaries make the heartfelt article written by Brian Doyle more appealing than “9/11 Attacks” in terms of mourning and emotion. The two authors had different intents when writing the articles, such as the differences between the appeals of the text, such as how the appeal of Logos is apparent in the anonymous article of “9/11 Attacks”. By using diction, the author made this text logical with reason and explanation, such as only explaining key facts and information of what happened on the…

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