7 Steps Toward Publishing Essay

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7 Steps Toward Publishing: How To Get Your Book To Print As A First Author

Congratulations! You 've finally finished your first book. Or have you? Is it really ready for print? Is it good enough? What do you do now? First off, take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back. Next, make a checklist of everything you need to do, beginning with the following seven steps:

1. Polish Your Manuscript

Publishers can 't be sold on an idea, even if it 's an amazing one. Your manuscript must be complete, including editing, before you can present it to anyone professionally. Test the book on readers whom you know personally, first, then take the next steps, provided their feedback is enthusiastic. Once a professional editor has gone through the manuscript, it is then in good enough form to let a potential publisher take a look.

2. Categorize The Book

It 's very important to have a specific genre for your book when approaching publishers, as that is how the commercial value of your book may be determined. Even if you believe your work can cross demographics and other audience categorizations, a publisher has specific, often scientific, rules of play. You, therefore, must be able to quantify the content of your book exactly and in just a word, such as "horror" or "sci-fi".

3. Research Your Potential Publishers

You wouldn 't try and sell a bicycle you invented to a grocery store, and the same principle applies to book publishing. Certain companies specialize in fiction or…

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