Essay 5dpp Cipd Tma

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CIPD Assessment Activity

|Title of unit/s |Developing Professional Practice |
|Unit No/s |5DPP |
|Level |5 |
|Credit value |4 |
|Assessment method |Written report |
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You have been chosen to lead | |
|one of these projects. | |
|The purpose of your project is to investigate the organisation’s recruitment and selection processes to improve | |
|their cost-effectiveness and the quality of people they bring into the company, and enhance the level of new | |
|recruits’ ‘engagement’ with the organisation. | |
|The new CEO wants to know how you will go about managing your project and has asked you to respond to the requests | |
|below. To impress the CEO you should refer to relevant models and theory within your response. | |
|Given the purpose of the project and 6-month timeframe, devise a project plan, with objectives, activities, | |
|time-scales and deliverables, for your project. | |
|Risk-assess your project for (at least two) potential areas where problems could arise and explain how you would | |
|identify and resolve

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