`` 500 Days Of Summer `` By Marc Webb Essay

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Breaking traditional conventions of film creates a unique, thought provoking experience for the viewer. It is this originality that interests and captivates the viewer. Marc Webb’s ‘500 Days of Summer’ does exactly this through the films non-linear narrative, reversal of gender stereo types and the distortion of time in the film. Webb’s film breaks customs and challenges traditions of contemporary film making.

‘500 Days Of Summer’ breaks filmmaking tradition and distorts time through its non-linear narrative and references to both the 1960’s and 200’s. Emerging in 2009, ‘500 Days Of Summer’ rose through many blockbuster films such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and Avatar; all grossing at an average of $2050,0410,95. While this was a time of experimentation with film, such as James Cameron’s use of motion capture filming techniques, XpanD3d (visual solutions integration) and stereoscopic filming in ‘Avatar’, ‘500 Days Of Summer’ was among the few successful mainstream films with a non-linear narrative. The film begins at the end of Tom and Summer’s (the main protagonists) relationship. Webb then guides the viewer through a journey of the relationship and the 500 days that Tom spent with Summer. This unique take on story telling is aided by the narration of Tom, as he retells the story in hindsight. This creates a double perspective for the audience and was uncommon in film at the time. Webb also challenges film making conventions through the reverse…

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