50 Years Ago Immigration

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50 Years Ago, Immigration Changed in America by Kenneth
Immigration is one of the most discussed topics especially in the United States presidential campaigns with some controversies whether to adopt the millions of immigrants who are in the US illegally. There exist some controversies whether to build a wall which will separate Mexico and US in order to prevent immigrants from getting in to the US. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 gave way for the immigrant families to reunite and ensured that skilled workers came to America mostly from Europe (Walsh, 1). Over the past few years immigrants from Latin America and Asia have flocked in to America making Americans complain since the population is increasing. This interferes
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In 2014, approximately 12 million immigrants from Mexico settled in the US, about 30 percent of the overseas born population that accounts to around 50 million. The number is by far the biggest migrant population in the country (Jie & Jeanne, 1). This article explains that in the years 2006 and 2010 the numbers of immigrants increased by over 2000000. Mexico is no longer the major country with the highest numbers of immigrants since India and China from 2013 overtook Mexico. These two countries have the highest numbers of immigrants who have stayed in the US for over one year. The great recession which happened in periods of years 2007 to 2009 saw many immigrants migrate back to Mexico therefore reducing the population of Mexican immigrants in the US (Jie & Jeanne, 1). Most Mexican immigrants went back to Mexico because of a number of reasons. The Mexican economy improved while there were reduced job opportunities in the US which ensured that Mexicans went back to their country. The rate of births in Mexico declined which paved ways for Mexicans to go back to their country. Most of the Mexican immigrants who live in the US have low incomes and have less education compared to the Americans which shows that the immigrants are disadvantaged compared to the Americans (Jie & Jeanne, 1). Mexican immigrants have less chances of being American citizens compared to other immigrants’ population indicating …show more content…
The national government only answers how many immigrants and from where so instead of explaining whether immigration is encouraged or not. Most Americans think that immigration is undesirable and is not even necessary and thus Americans are not for the idea (Williamson & Chilton, 23). Most of the immigrants allowed during the past years included people from Europe who provided cheap and skilled labor in America. Therefore immigration was of beneficial to America before immigrants from other continents came up and increased the population instead of actually helping the American economy. The progressive movement however advocated for restrictions on immigration since many immigrants came to America and caused strain on the environmental resources. Immigration according to this article has never brought prosperity to the United States and therefore citizens advocate for restrictions of immigration to take place (Williamson & Chilton, 26). Just like other nations have suffered from immigration, unite states cannot be exceptional since the immigrants invade the country. Through ideological thinking immigration is not necessary since it is seen to bring more problems instead of actually benefiting the countries. Though immigration is seen to promote cultural diversity nations and especially Americans still do not support this immigration since it is not of beneficial to

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