4 MAT Book Review Banks And Ledbetter Essay

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A 4-MAT Book Review of
Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches by Robert Banks and Bernice M. Ledbetter

Presented to
Prof. Daniel Austin

Liberty University
LEAD 510

Thomas V. Montgomery, III, Ed.D.

October 28, 2014
Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Concrete Response 5
Reflection 6
Action 7
References 10

Abstract The process of leadership requires self-identification of behaviors and reflection on one’s attitude (Bell, 2010). Among the thousands of leadership books in print today, this book is one that takes a different approach to examining leadership from a Christian perspective as well as relating to the process of leadership along with many
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Concrete Response Chapter 5 made me reflect on my current work situation and some things I am dealing with regarding Equal Employment Opportunity. In my desire to obtain leadership positions within the Federal government, I have applied for many positions at several agencies. Due to the fact that competition is so fierce at the higher level graded positions, I sometimes would not make the certificate of best qualified applicants. On other occasions, I would make the best qualified list, but failed to get an interview from the selecting official. Sometimes this failure was due to my lack of experience, but sometimes I felt it was due to one or more of the prohibited personnel practices or some discriminatory factor. When I felt my non-selection was due to factors I had no control, i.e., my race, sex, color, or age, I wanted to fight. Not in the literal sense, but I wanted to challenge the selection process and became frustrated. Because some leaders within the Federal government behave in this manner is one of the reasons I have little loyalty to a particular agency. I switch jobs within the Federal government frequently. My mom teases me by implying that I have commitment issues…I respond by saying, “I am loyal to the Federal government, but not to a particular agency.” I still however, must ask myself, I am serving myself through these challenges or am I trying to prevent these illegal practices

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