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The text I am going to comment on is a story by William Somerset Maugham. He was a prominent English writer, and he is best known by his short stories. When Maugham described people and places in his stories, he did it mostly from his personal experience.
The text under consideration is an individual story «A friend in need». The plot of the story is concerned with situation when Burton the Young was down and out, and he asked Burton the Elder to give him a job. The action takes place in one English office, where Burton the Elder was a prosperous businessman. Such is the plot of the extract.
The story is first person narration. The main idea reveals that every person does his own fade. The author lays particular stress on the
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Everything is made clear after these words.
There are some compositional elements of the abstract, for example narration, description, explanation, dialogues. When we speak about narration, we really found orderly account of events that followed one another, as «we shook hands. I wished him good luck and he left me», so these are dynamic of things that are shown as happening one after another in their sequence. The description brings out the characteristic features of Burton the Young personality such as his appearance as «he was always well-dressed and smart-looking. He was handsome in a way, with curly hair and pink-and-white cheeks». We found explanation in Burton the Elder words: « if he couldn’t get something to do he’d have to commit suicide».
There is no monologues, but there are a lot of dialogues that reproduced the speech of the characters : « well, isn’t there anything you can do except play cards: «I can swim! Swim! I swam for my university». Here we can see very short sentences and phrases, so laconic phrases and simple constructions make the story more dynamic.
The lexical peculiarities of the passage depended on the choice of words. According to the situation we may found neutral, colloquial and bookish type of the words. Such as colloquial (done, chap, fellow), bookish (hitherto, quarter, credit, constitution), neutral (say, take, swim, women). The use of colloquial English helps to make the story vivid and life like.
The lexical-stylistic

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