Essay about 21st Century Learning And Teaching

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21st Century learning and teaching is an evolving revolution of being mindful to the world that grows around us. In order to keep up in the 21st century gaining proficiency with and engaging with technology is it evolves, this involves having the ability to use the most powerful tool in technology the internet and utilise all its resources, develop relationships on all levels to confront and solve problems collaboratively and cross culturally. Having knowledge of multiple streams of information outlets, and understand the ethical responsibilities that arise in the complex environments they work in and around. With the changes surrounding children and teachers today, it changes how a teacher would teach, because the skills needed for social and economic participation have changed of those years ago. As Richard Riley famously said in 1999 " we are preparing our students for jobs that don 't exist, using technologies that have not been invented, to solve problems that, we haven 't even considered yet." As a child learning in the 21st century, being aware and up to date with technology is a requirement, as they learn and proceed in life technology will be their main base of tools of future jobs and daily activities.
Traditional education is where most of our learning once was the only place were as a child we would learn and get our education. Traditional education has several key features , education is based on the transfer of a national curriculum, children learn from a…

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