2.2: Importance Of Nutrients In Sheep Production

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2.2. Importance of nutrients in sheep production
Importance’s of Nutrients are substances, that supplied by animals used as feedstuffs, for body maintenance and production. Adequate amount of energy’s, proteins, vitamins and mineral supplements are essential nutrients to improve the productivity of sheep fatting. According to Cannas et al. (2004), Adequate supply of energy and protein in the sheep balanced diet are important to enhance meat production and to protect the sheep from weight loss, mortality, increased risk of disease and Poor wool growth. Based on the physiological status and production system of the sheep that means size, age, pregnant, none pregnant, older and younger Nutrients are very essentials. The overall nutrient requirements of a particular sheep or goat
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native grass hay used as basal diet feed in dry matter base in an experiment conducted Wollo sheep was medium CP content of 7.78% and high in NDF of 75.02% and ADF of 55.55% (Abebe and Tamir, 2016). Nigus et al. (2015), reported that 92.52, 6.78, 75.02, 45.55 and 10.86% for Dry matter (DM), Crud protein (CP), (NDF), (ADF) and Ash contents, respectively. According to Nigus et al. (2014), grass hay used as basal diet for Afar sheep was found with the values of 3.7%, 70.7% and 48.3% CP, NDF and ADF content, respectively. Similarly, Tadele et al. (2014) reported that the values of grass hay for OM, CP, ADF and NDF were 91.9, 8.75, 48.9 And 76.5% respectively.. according to the above researchers, the nutritional component of grass hay is not the same and also The crude protein value is very low compere to the other values of composition nutrients and this low content of CP indicates that during the feeding time hay may not be enough to satisfy the maintenance requirement of animals to need other more portentous supplements to improve growth performance of small

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