2.2: Apply The Casualty's Dressing

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Register to read the introduction… Apply the casualty's dressing. |
| a. Emergency bandage. |
|Note: The emergency bandage is a new item that can be used on any bleeding wound. It can be used both as a field dressing and as a pressure |
|dressing. |
| (1) Place the pad on the wound, white side down, and wrap the elastic bandage around the limb. |
|CAUTION: Do NOT touch the white (sterile) side of the dressing. Do NOT allow it to come into contact with any surface other than the wound. |
| (2) Insert the elastic bandage into the pressure bar. |
| (3) Tighten the elastic bandage. |
| (4) Pull back, forcing the pressure bar down onto the pad.
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For small extremities, also |
|secure the self-adhering band under the windlass strap. |
| (7) For small extremities, wind the self-adhering band around the extremity and over the windlass rod. |
| (8) Grasp the windlass strap, pull it tight, and adhere it to the opposite hook on the windlass clip. |
| b. Improvised tourniquet. |
| (1) Make a tourniquet at least 2 inches wide. |
| (2) Position the tourniquet. |
| (a) Place the tourniquet over the smoothed sleeve or trouser leg if possible. |
| (b) If the wound is above the knee or elbow, place the tourniquet around the limb 2 to 4 inches above the wound between the wound and the

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