19th Century Immigrants In The United States

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In the Nineteenth Century immigrants came to the United states because of the Industrial Revolution; work in America; Shifts in agriculture; Growing population that left many people unable to make a living and the blight that left people in disease and starvation. Immigrants thought that coming to the United States would be heaven, but it was a nightmare for them Americans worried that immigrants would transform people into an “incoherent, distracted mass”. In The Know-Nothings group created by the American party claimed that Irish and German immigrants, most of them who were Roman Catholic would corrupt the country’s Protestant heritage. In 1882, there was a major law enacted regarding immigrants and that was called the Chinese Exclusion Act which prohibited more Chinese workers from entering the U.S and that was hard for families to visit each other. Additionally, The Gentleman’s Agreement Act of 1907, Roosevelt persuaded Japan to place restrictions on emigration again. …show more content…
In 1911, There was the National Origins Act called for new regulations to reduce immigration and the in 1948 the Displaced Persons Act was made that allowed the admission of more refugees left

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