1984 By George Orwell's The Giver And 1984

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The Giver and 1984
Throughout the history of time, we have to fear a dictatorship or authoritarian system, we watch in complicated the possibly of dictatorships. Systems of government where they government control all, most of them set in a post-apocalypse future, after a world war, most of the time the society of the now has been destroyed, if not all of the time, with only pieces of the truth of our history perverted by the government. Dystopian is a popular genre throughout our culture right now it plans on our fears and makes us fear our future. Throughout English for the last book of the year we are reading 1984 by George Orwell, “Big brother is watching”, this shows the idea the government watching you controlling what you do, who you
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158) It 's not that they can’t question the government or expect pain, but they have been trained to think it 's so wrong that subconsciously fear and the idea of keeping the same stops them. This culture 's emphasis that all are the same there is not a hierarchy even though there is, there not a law but there are punishments for breaking it. The community unlike 1984, pushes peace and sameness, not war and sameness and fear. The biggest thing of control that really shows me the twistedness of society is to get rid of the word death and replace it with the release and destroy the idea of loss and love with it. That changing the word can justify killing a baby like Gabe of not being good enough or killing a twin because he was the smaller one, or killing a pilot who flew too close to the city. In 1984, they control the society by controlling their daily life. There are no rules, but things could lead to punishment, they live by the motto, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is a strength. They watch every move you make, with tolerance and your own neighbors. Destroying the idea of love and making turns in your neighbors a great thing, you are …show more content…
They teach the society that chastity is very important and control who you marry and try to take away love completely. They leave people as desolate shells, brains on a stick with no emotions and feeling. By controlling through fear of war, through ignorance of the truth, through the destruction of relationships and sexuality. Making all people dress the same taking away attraction best they can, as it says in the book Winston when Julia wears makeup is so shocking, because they take away the parts that make men and women different. They control society in how they act, but also how they think about the ministry of love torturing and refining people. They control what the people know controlling the future because as Big Brother says “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” The biggest idea of how they with controlling people and stopping the people from rebelling, by using doublethink, as the book says “All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory”, by using the idea of doublethink. (1.3.18). Changing how you think of the world, going by the idea if you think of something as true even though it is not and every else tells you it is true you will believe it and it

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