13 Reasons Why To Kill Essay Questions

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As I read 13 Reasons Why I think about how often suicide and bullying occurs in our time period. I wonder what the author's motive was while writing.I think that the message of 13 Reasons Why is to show how bullying can impact someone's life greatly and how it should be stopped. Reading 13 Reasons Why I wonder why Hannah did not talk to her parents about what she was going through. Also I wonder why Hannah did not tell Clay about what was going in her life if they really trusted each other. And I wonder why the adult that Hannah did go to could not help her.While reading this story I realized how often suicide occurs and it made me think about how we can stop it.Also while reading this story I realized how often suicide occurs and made me think about how it can be stopped.

In this story the author focused a lot on suicide and it made a very big impact on me, here's why. Hannah Baker commits suicide because of bullying and her peers. Clay also attempts suicide over the tape that Hannah leaves him, but he doesn't succeed. Tony dies in a car crash. At the end Alex gets shot in the head and no one knows why. In the book quotes are said by the characters and they catch my eye. One is “ I left when I
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Bryce bullies Hannah into doing she doesn't want to do and scares her.The students at school being to bully Hannah and she ends up not wanting to go to school anymore. Soon Hannah begins to think about not living anymore and thinks about how to kill herself. A quote that caught my eye in the book is “ How can you call it love when it hurt so badly, it was love because it was worth it. ”In this word bullying occurs everyday and it needs to stop. Another quote that caught my eye is ” You don't know what goes on in anyone's life but your own.” Also people blame others for their actions which we shouldn't do because we need to man up and take the consequence for our

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