12 Years A Slave By Film Review Essay

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When I watched the film, 12 years a slave, it brought a deeper impact towards what I learned during our lecture because the film was not just a typical story, it was based on someone’s life, Mr. Solomon Northup. It threw me off that even though he was a free man, Americans tricked him into being part of their business, luring Northup with a higher paying income than he was earning. I would understand that he bit into that deal because, during that time in 1840, British Americans, free slaves, and small time farmers are into expanding their land, plantation, and properties. All that matters during that time was to work hard and earn more, the lives of the people that they’re treating as slaves don 't bother them. In the film, it was shown that they treat blacks as slaves, especially in the southern part of the American territory. In 1815-1860, this was the time when the expansion of the southern part of the American territory was expanding due to the growth of plantation and slaves. As each plantation grew bigger, their need of slaves grew higher as well. In the south, during 1840, agriculture was the biggest contributor to the growth of their economy. They grew not only tobacco, but they also have sugar, iron, and most especially, cotton. As slave traders display the slaves that they want to sell, it was very dehumanizing to see that they would strip them naked, whether they’re men or women, checking them as if they’re a piece of meat being displayed on a market. Most…

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