100 % By Mariah Carey Analysis

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100% by Mariah Carey talks about how you can do anything by putting your all, your life isn’t confined to limits. Examples of smart women who have ambitions are Viola, Olivia, and Maria. Viola disguises herself as a man to get a job at the Duke’s palace (Act 1 Scene 2). Olivia lets her uncle live with her so she can do things by herself (Act 1 Scene 3), she makes ways to survive all by herself that it seems that she can anything as long as she has her mind to it. She even thinks of a way to make Cesario come back to her home because he needs to return a ring to her (Act 1 Scene 5). Maria makes a love letter to Malvolio and says it's from Olivia for her revenge towards Malvolio who threatened her about telling Olivia how she was participating

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