10 Hot Issues in It Essay

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Assignment 1: 10 Hot IT Issues Review
David C. Johnson
Capella University

MBA 6180- Managing Information Assets and Technology
Professor Danielle Babb
February 27, 2011

The author provides a very in depth look at the landscape of the IT environment. He identifies 10 key ideas that members of the IT community will need to focus on in the coming years. Looking at this article from the perspective of a manager and a leader in an IT organization I am inclined to agree with Kanter’s assertions.

1. Electronic Commerce revisited: the Internet and beyond
Despite the fact that the internet bubble burst and there was a time where even thinking about starting a business based on the internet would
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IN many organizations in fact they have begun to do away with the classic office set up. Choosing instead to allow employees to telecommute and having a few flex offices that can be used by multiple individuals who need them when they have to physically be in the office. 3. Customer Centricity-
I think that Customer Centricity is becoming a more prevalent issue in the IT community. Overall I feel like there has been a greater emphasis on human interaction. Where as in the past few years it was 7 number presses to get to a human being I have found that this has changed in the recent times to allow for easier access to customer service reps. 4. Outsourcing and Insourcing the role of Project Management
In this economy in particular the mix between having in house expertise and bringing in a consultant for a given task is often close to 50/50. I know in my organization a great deal of our spend is based on bringing in consultants or outside organization to manage functions that we do not have the capability to manage. This puts added stress and strain on the project management organization that are now tasked with managing an outside organization that they have no real control over. It’s also the PMO’s responsibility to ensure the consultant complies and lives within the confines of the given statement of work or contract. Having this responsibility placed on someone who is not necessarily trained for it has its own consequences

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