10 Degree To Produce With Psychology For A Rewarding Career Essay

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10 Degrees to Combine with Psychology for a Rewarding Career

Want a way to create a dynamic career that opens various doors? If you are thinking about earning a master’s degree in psychology, you should also consider the option of earning additional training in another area. Getting graduate training in psychology offers a multitude of career options. Nonetheless, coupling your psychology education with another subject can make all the difference. How?
According to the American Psychological Association, dual training affords students with the chance to be more competitive in the job market. You can design a career focused on either discipline, or one that cleverly combines the two. Furthermore, two degree areas makes you an innovator, developing novel practices that incorporate principles relevant to both fields. Finally, dual training enables your career to have a wider impact – rather than getting involved in one sector, you can contribute and promote two.
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3. Nursing
It makes sense for two helping professions to come together. Individuals with psychological training might have an aspiration to apply their skills in the field of nursing. On the contrary, nurses might earn additional training in psychology to specialize. One might obtain this level of training and specialization by either enrolling in dual degree programs in the school of psychology and the nursing school, or by completing one degree and then going back for the other. You can even go on to earn a master’s degree in nurse practitioner
Such training would prepare you for a promising career as psychiatric nurse or psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner, in which you might assess patients, diagnose, provide counseling and intervention, and provide long-term continuing care.
4. Information

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