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(847) In the DBRITE system, a direct cable may be used to connect the composite video signal to the display at distances up to
500 feet
(848) What assembly in the power supply and junction (PS&J) box receives and multiplexes data to be sent to the digital scan converter?
Logic board
(848) Which of these boards is in each digital scan converter (DSC)
interface, PPI, synthetic
(848) On the tower display, the built in test (BIT) target is always located at
56 nautical miles and at 1 of 8 azimuths selectable at 45 degree increments
(848) What DBRITE display assembly applies the video signal to the cathode of the CRT?
video driver
(849) What data level does the digital scan converter (DSC) and power supply and junction (PS&J) box use?
(850) when a built- in- test (BIT) function detects a circuit failure, an error code than corresponds to the failure is shown on
the displays that are served by the same DSC as the faulty unit
[847] What two sets of equipment make up the DBRITE system and what does each consist of?
(1) Operational equipment consisting of the tower equipment and the equipment that interfaces with the radar and the ATC automation systems.
(2) Maintenance equipment that consists of a maintenance panel and maintenance monitor.
[847] How is the composite video signal generated?
Aircraft range and azimuth PPI information is processed in the DSC. There the information is mixed with synthetic alphanumeric data to generate the composite video signal.
[847] What is the purpose of the keyboard and PEM?
The keyboard allows entry of data and commands, the PEM is primarily a two-axis control used to identify or position items on the display.
[848] What is the purpose of the Power Supply & Junction (PS&J) box?
It is used as a power source and the interconnection point for other DBRITE operator control equipment.
[848] The Power Supply & Junction (PS&J) box power supply provides DC power to which assemblies?
(1) The Remote Control Unit (RCU)
(2) The Display Control Panel (DCP)
(3) PS&J box logic board
(4) One or two keyboards and Position Entry Modules (PEMs)
[848] What functions are performed by the PS&J box logic board?
It multiplexes data from the Remote Control Unit (RCU), Display Control Panel (DCP), and keyboard and Position Entry Module (PEM) before it's sent to the DSC for processing.
[848] List the functions tested by the logic boards on-line Built-In Test (BIT).
(1) Analog multiplexing
(2) A/D converter handling of the PEM inputs
(3) Voltages from the power supply unit.
[848] List the components of each Digital Scan Converter (DSC).
(1) Interface board(s)
(2) Plan-Position Indicator (PPI) board
(3) Synthetic board
(4) Control panel
(5) DC power supply
[848] What happens when the BIT TEST switch is set to the BIT position?
The DSC module is off-line, and is running the offline built-in test function--regardless of the setting on the maintenance panel VIDEO SELECT switch.
[848] How many tower display units can be driven by a Digital Scan Converter (DSC)?
[848] Where are the sync signals separated from the video?
In the video sync assembly.
[848] List the components of the deflection assembly.
(1) Horizontal and vertical sweep generators.
(2) Deflection amplifiers
(3) Dynamic focus correction circuitry
(4) Amplifiers that drive the dynamic and static focus coils.
[849] What's the purpose of the Remote Interface Adapter (RIA)?
It provides a physical interface between a modem and a data cable either from the tower Power Supply & Junction (PS&J) box or from the Digital Scan Converter (DSC) cabinet.
[849] What determines which type Remote Control Unit (RCU) is used?
The automation system that's connected to the Digital Scan Converter (DSC) cabinet.
[849] All operating voltages required by the keyboard and Position Entry Module PEM are furnished by what assembly?
The Power Supply & Junction (PS&J) box.
[850] What are the two functional elements of the BIT feature?
On-line and Off-line
[850] Which BIT doesn't require you to intervene during diagnostic tests on an operational DBRITE system?
[850] When an internal error is detected on the synthetic board during on-line BIT, what's the probable cause?
A severe malfunction with the microprocessor.
[850] What is the sequence of tests during off-line BIT?
The synthetic board is tested, then the interface board, and finally the PS&J box.
[850] After a test sequence diagnostic display, what step mist be taken before continuing the tests?
The BIT ADV switch on the DSC maintenance panel must be pressed.