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(a14) The gain of the IF receivers is varied dynamically by the analog control signals from the
STC interface
(a14) The STC in the an/tps-75 radar functions to
reduce false alarms due to short range clutter
(a15) Desquint processing is needed in the an/tps-75 radar to place the data in
azimuth order
(a15) In the an/tps-75 radar, the MFI test results are sent from the desquint processing circuits to the radar control function
once each antenna scan
(a16) How many consecutive PRT's does it take the MTI receiver to filter out stationary targets?
four consecutive PRT's
(a16) What circuit in the an/tps-75 radar combines MTI signals over several PRT's to improve the signal-to-noise ratio?
(a16) What type of data does the weather/ecm/ijava function process in the an/tps-75 radar to develop linear jam data?
filtered I and Q MTI data
(a17) In the an/tps-75 radar target data post processing function, when is data specifying the parameters of each IFF/SIFF listening period?
at T0
(a17) In the an/tps-75 radar target data post processing function, the transition of data between the real time and the processing time circuits takes place at the
FIFO buffer
(a18) In the clutter mapper circuit of the an/tps-75, what is provided in the high clutter areas?
MTI video
(a19) Which color lamp is lit on the an/tps-75 radar control panel when the first level of degradation indicates a particular LRU requires adjustment
(a20) Relative range and bearing on the an/uyq-27 situation display indicate the range and bearing from
one target to another
(a21) What type of storage is used for the program instructions in the an/uyq-27?
ROM (read only memory)
(a21) What can the deflection circuits in the an/uyq-27 situation display draw?
vectors, sweeps, characters and symbols