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84.(437) Which of the following records and drawing pertain to broadcast systems equipment only?
broadcast facility records
85.(438) What projet phase is a food time to try to identify and solve any potential problems?
86.(439) The description of how hte nodes and media are configures in the local area network environment is
87.(440) Which cabling provides interconnectivity between buildings?
88.(440) The mechanical termainatins,patch cords, and jumper cables used to interconnect the media are considered part of whcih cabling structure?
89.(441) Pairs in multipair cable are twisted to
minimize crosstalk
90.(442) What is the color code of pair 3 for the horizontal unshielded twisted pair?
91.(443) When placing RG-58 cables the maximum pulling tension allowed is
25 lbs
92.(444) Which of the following distributes the backbone and horizontal fiber optic cables?
93.(444) How many cross-connects are allowed from the main cross-connect to the horizontal interface located in the telecommunications closet?
94.(444) Single-mode fibers can provide a backbone distance link of up to
60 km
95.(444) What is used to prevent the direct contact of the securing devices to the cable's outer sheath?
cable shims
96.(445) A minimum of how many connection ports per work area will all new installations of wall outlets in the local area network distribution system have?
97.(445) What impact tool is used to terminate the conductors of a CAT 5 wall outlet?
98.(445) What do you terminate the conductors of a CAT 5 cable to on a patch panel?
110 conductor slots
99.(446) The cables used to extend the central office feeder cable to the main cross-connect are marked with what color tags?
100.(447) What is used to test for direct current resistance?
1.[437] Define a requiring activity.
A unit or activity having operating and maintenance (O&M) responsibilities for the equipment/systems outlined in the project package
2.[437] What is a support activity?
A support activity involves base support activities (civil engineering, transportation, supply ect) having specific support responsibilities outlined in the program support letter (PSL).
3.[437] Who performs the intial project review?
An intial project review performed by engineering and maintenance staff,as well as the program manager at the requiring activity.
4.[437] What contains a list of equipment items and their descriptions for an installation project?
A standard facility equipment list(SFEL).
5.[437] What is a BFR?
Broadcast facilty record.
6.[437] What is used for engineering changes to an original installation?
AF Form 1146, Engineering Change Request/Authorization (ECR/A).
1.[438] What is an LOM?
The LOM is a list of major and minor items needed for the project.
2.[438] In order, list the four steps that ensure that all aspects of a project are covered.
Inventory, familiarization, review, and documentation of review findings.
3.[438] What provides the systematic approach to ensure that all elements of a project are reviewed?
a project review
4.[438] If a relocation project is being done and no servicability inspection has been accomplished, what do you do?
If a serviceability inspection has not been accomplished, conduct a special inspection