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(615) What is the wsr-88d xmitter wavelength and peak power?
between 10 and 11 cm with a peak transmitted power of 700 +-50 kilowatts (kW)
(615) Which unit is considered the wsr-88d's workstation for the retrieval of products?
principal user processor (PUP)
(615) The two basic wsr-eed components considered to be the radars memory are...
(615) The method used for xmission in the wsr-88d is generation of a
composite frequency of COHO and STALO and amplification by a klystron
(616) What wsr-88d radar subsystem generates and radiates RF pulses?
radar data acquisition (RDA)
(616) Software required to perform the signal processing in the wsr-88d radar data acquisition (RDA) is located in the...
data processor cabinet
(616) What wsr-88d radar equpipment group provides high speed intercomputer transfer of data between the RDA and RPG?
wideband communications (WBC)
(616) What is the maxiumum distance allowed by the wsr-88d's wideband communication group when remoting data via a direct wire link?
400 feet
(616) Hardware and software required for wsr-88d system remote control, status monitoring, and error detection are contained in the
radar product generator (RPG)
(616) WSR-88d system testing and troubleshooting, local product selection, generation, and distribution control is done by the
unit control position (UCP)
(616) Graphics processing, narrowband links, local control, and status monitoring software for the wsr-88d's principal user processor (PUP) are contained in the
PUP data processor cabinet
(616) What unit allows the local control and testing of the WSR-88d's principal user processor (PUP) display processor?
system console
(617) In the wsr-88d radar, transmitter fault isolation to the line replaceable unit (LRU) is under control of the radar data acquisition (RDA) maintenance terminal and the
xmitter cabinet maintenence panel
(617) In the wsr-88d radar xmitter what circuit regulates the pulse forming network (PFN) charge to within 0.01 percent of the desired charge?
post charge regulator
(617) What is the name of the switch used to discharge the PFN in the wsr-88d radar transmitter?
reverse blocking diode thyristor
(617) In the wsr-88d radar xmitter, what signal synchronizes the operation of the RF driver to the system PRF?
RF pretrigger
(617) In the Wsr-88d radar xmitter, how many watts of peak power will drive the klystron to full power?
7.5 watts
(617) What portion of the klystron amplifier develops the stream of electrons that supplies energy for amplification?
electron gun
(617) The specific resonating frequency of any klystron cavity is changed by...
adjusting the size of the internal cavities
(618) What processor in the wsr-88d controls the antenna pedestal elevation increment movement?
RDA Status and control processor
(618) What method enables the wsr-88d radars RDA status and control processor (RDASC) to perform on-line calibration?
sampled power at the elevation rotary joint sent to the processor via the data acquisition unit
(619) In the wsr-88d radar receiver, what circuit performs the conversion of the IF to I and Q video signals?
I/Q Phase detector
(619) In the wsr-88d radar, what circuit forms the dividing line between analog and digital processing?
Analog to digital converter
(619) What function injects test and calibration signals in to the wsr-88d's receivers front end?
test source select function
(620) In the wsr-88d what monitors and asseses the performance of the radar data acquisition (RDA), performs calibration calculations, and reports RDA status to the RPG
RDASC M3200 processor
(620) Which function is performed by the wsr-88d radar's radar data acquisition (RDA) hardwired signal processor?
ground clutter filtering
(620) Master timing for the wsr-88d radar xmitter, radar receiver, and RDA status and control processor is provided by the
hardwired signal processor (HSP)
(620) The programmable signal processor in the wsr-88d's radar data acquisition (RDA) data processor cabinet transfers the microcode routine to the random access memory (RAM) on...
system initialization
(621) A function of the wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG) processor is to
dealias velocity
(621) What outputs from the wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG) processor are sent to the RDA?
control commands, volume coverage patterns, clutter sensor zones, and data requests
(621) What is used in the wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG) to allow direct data transfer between memory and various peripherals?
direct memory access (DMA)
(621) In the wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG) archive III storage unit, what type of device is used for permanent memory storage?
optical disk drive
(622) The wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG) dial port modems support communication with...
nonassociated PUP's and other users
(622) What type of medium do the wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG)dedicated-port modems support?
private (leased) telephone lines
(622) In the wsr-88d weather radar, what communications link does the statistical multiplexer (STATMUX A7) support?
unit control position (UCP)
(623) What controls the loading of the wsr-88d radar product generator (RPG) operating system?
unit control position (UCP)
(623) In the wsr-88d, what communications link is used to connect the remote unit control position (UCP) to the radar product generation processor?
(623) What configuration lets the wsr-88d radars unit control position (UCP) access the radar product generator (RPG) operating system, application and maintenance programs, and the control diagnostic system?
Local and remote UCP configurations
(623) Along with a terminal and high speed printer, a wsr-88d radars remote unit control position (UCP) includes a
STATMUX and dedicated port modem
(624) What processor in the wsr-88d radars principal user processor (PUP formats data and distributes it to data storage, archive IV, and graphics processor?
display processor
(624) What section of the principal user processor (PUP) data processor cabinet provides visual alerts, audible alerts, and status display info?
display processor
(624) What processor in the wsr-88d radar system interfaces with the system console and application terminal, and responds to their action requests?
PUP display processor
(624) What processor in the wsr-88d radar's PUP data processor cabinet receives product inputs from the display processor, formats the data, and writes them in to graphics memory?
graphics processor
(624) What processor in the wsr-88d receives and responds to control request from the PUP workstations graphics tablet?
PUP graphics processor
(625) What PUP device is the primary operational position for the wsr-88d weather radar?
PUP workstation
(625) In the wsr-88d radar's PUP, the interfacing between the graphics processor and the display processor is accomplished by the...
application terminal
(625) In the wsr-88d radar's PUP, the purpose of puck and tablet data generated bye the graphics tablet and sent to the graphics processor is to
conrol the display and select radar produts
(625) What wsr-88d radar processor is responsible for actuating threshold alarms provided by the audible alarm UD46?
display processor
(617)In the wsr-88d radar xmitter, what assembly interfaes the xmitter to equipment outside of the xmitter cabinet?
control and monitoring