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(a22) The interface between a remote an/tps-75 radar and the an/tyq-23 OM consists of
wideband radios for data and seperate narrowband radios for voice
(a23) What unit within the MIG provides IFF/SIF target detection and extraction?
(a24) In the an/tps-75 radar's IFF/SIF system, additional processing is used during mode 4 IFF operations for...
encryption and decryption
(a25) The radar target extractor in the MIE evaluates radar video on a fine-grain range/azimuth clutter map to...
suppress clutter caused false alarms
(a25) What MIG unit provides built in radar/IFF simulation capabilities for test purposes?
(a26) What component of the an/tps-75 IFF/SIF subsystem provides the ISLS function?
OK-217/UPX control monitor
(a27) In the an/upx-27 receiver, what are the two input frequencies to the mixer?
1090 and 1150 MHz
(a27) The GTC signal in the an/upx-27 begins at
the leading edge of the receiver gate
(a28) Which condition causes a steady alarm light on the ok-217/upx system control monitor unit?
ISLS trigger missing
(a29) What is the term given when two or more reply codes overlap and interface with each others time space?
(a30) What medium is used for communication with the ARM decoys emitter groups?
fiber optic data link
(a30) Each ARM decoys emitter group consits of a...
monitor control assembly, a modulator assembly, and a transmistter assembly
(a30) Whate does the operator use to remotely control and monitor the ARM decoy set?
Central control Unit
(a30) What type of amplifier does the ARM decoy's transmitter assembly use to amplify the RF pulse?
crossed-field amplifier