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What is the Net reaction for photosynthesis?
6 CO2 + 6 H20 + Light --> C6H12O6 + 6 O2
What is the main product of noncyclic Photophosphorylation?
In photosystems 1 & 2 how are electrons energized?
What is the main product of cyclic Photophosphorylation?
The calvin cycle fixes XXX?
What is the function of the calvin cycle?
To produce glucose or other 6 carbon compounds.
What is the main protein used in the Calvin Cycle?
Is light used during the calvin cycle?
The calvin cycle is often referred to as XXX photosynthesis.
Can the calvin cycle occur in the absense of light?
No, becuase it is dependent upon the energy from ATP & NADPH.
True/False: Only the light dependent reactions occur in the chloroplasts?
False, the light dependent and independent reactions occur here.
What substructure of the chloroplast does the Calvin Cycle occur?
What substructure of the chloroplast contains protein complexes, cytochromes, and other electron carriers of the light dependent reactions?
What substructure of the chloroplast is the site were H+ protons accumulate?
Thylakoid Lumen
What is the term used to define the mechanism of ATP generation that occurs when energy is stored in the form of a proton concentration gradient across a membrane?
What are the two drawbacks to fixing CO2 using Rubisco?
1. Rubisco fixes CO2 & O2, if there is O2 around CO2 fixing capabilities are reduced.
2. When Rubisco fixes O2 it creates byproducts call Free Radicals like H202, which are harmful to the cell. Therefore the cell must have many peroxisomes around its mitochondria.
What is a specialized structure found in C4 photosynthesis?
Bundle Sheath Cells
Bundle Sheath cells help to increase the efficiency of XXXXXXXX. This is accomplished by shuttling CO2 to the bundle sheath cells which have low concentrations of XXXXXX.
The primary purpose of opening the Stomata is to let XXXXXXX XXXXXX in, but the problem with this is that XXXXXXXX flows out, which can be detrimental to the plant.
Carbon Dioxide/Water
C4 plants have a developmental advantage over C3 plants in hot, dry climates. C4 plants have a higher rate of photosynthsis so the don't have to open their XXXXXXXXX for quite as long as C3 plants, this reduces XXXXX loss.
In CAM photosynthesis the stomata of plants are open at XXXXXXX, and are closed in the XXXXXX.
CAM photosynthesis would most likely occur in plants called XXXXXXX.