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What is Allopatric Speciation?
Evolution of wo diffrent species because of seperation.
What is Parapatric Speciation?
This is when two closely related species interbreed and their offspring are a new species
What is Fixation?
When one allele becomes the only allele in a population.
Is one allele.
What is Directional Selection?
Is the Selection that favors one extreme.
What is disruptive Selection?
A selection that favors both extrmes.
What is bottlenecking?
This is when the population reaches low numbers, and there are few left to reproduce.
What is Species?
One kind of living thing that interbreeds to produce fertile offspring.
What is Sympatric Speciation?
Evolution of two diffrent species without isolation.
What is Mass extinction?
Death of several species at once.
What is population?
A group of the same species occupying a given area.
same species
What is inbreeding?
This is when organisms that are too closely related mate.
What is stabilizing selection?
When a selection that favors the average traits.
What is an allele?
This is diffrent forms of one gene.
What is specialtion?
The development of a new species from a parent species.
What is Genetic Drift?
This is random changes in the allele frequency brought about by chance.
What is Isolation?
This is any behavior, body form, or function that limits reproduction or population.
What is Dinoflagellates?
Have cellulose plates and flagella and are the cause of red tide.
What is Eualenoicls?
Flagellated free living cells that occupy ponds.
What is Ciliated?
Many cilia on their surface. This includes the paramecium.
What is Eubateria?
This is the new type of bacteria.
What is Animal Like?
THis is free living predators, or parasites. Live in water habits. Cause African sleeping sickness.
This causes a sleeping sickness.
What is saprobe?
The secrete digestive enzymes to break down food and absorb it.