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  • Pride In The Scarlet Ibis, By James Hurst

    Specializing in human personality, honored Swiss Psychiatrist, C.G Jung Claims, “Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. Deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune. ” People aren’t born good or bad, pessimistic or optimistic, introverts or extroverts etc. But our human nature will certainly grow up with traits inhibiting such behaviors, we can reveal our good side but we try to hide the bad side of ourselves. In the case…

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  • Arthur Schopenhauer Suffering

    In his essays titled “On the Vanity of Existence”, “The World as Will and Representation”, and “On the sufferings of the world”, Arthur Schopenhauer discusses the inevitability of suffering in life, what causes it, and what we can do to ease it. In this case the suffering refers to our constant un-satisfaction with our lives because of our need to always have and want more. Throughout this essay I am going to be answering the questions of why suffering is inevitable and what we can do to ease…

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  • Rappaccini's Daughter Analysis

    Til’ Death Do Us Part It is evident throughout these stories that it is the “…people closest to [the main characters] through their pursuits of ideals that lead them to try to improve nature” (Wright 37). For instance, in “The Birth-mark”, Hawthorne focuses the story around Aylmer, the scientist, and his dire need to perfect his wife. He believes that he will be in full triumph when he corrects “…what Nature left imperfect” (Hawthorne 421). The story is “…based on the premise that science can…

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  • Otherwise Than Places Mckay Analysis

    As humans, we tend to put ourselves in the spotlight of our own world. We use humanistic terms that give a place imagined borders. Don McKay’s “Otherwise than Place” is a lyrical essay that starts off with the narrator holding an introspective stone from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, he asks himself what the relation is between place and wilderness. As encouraged by Don McKay, it is a good meditative practice for humans to notice that we label things according to our occurrence to the land…

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  • John Muir's Relationship With Nature

    When it comes to the correlation between the beauty of nature and the consciousness of man, John Muir states, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” It’s interesting to notice that a simple walk can encourage a man to be inspired by the beauty that nature offers. From seeing nature through the point of an essay and seeing nature through the point of a poem, John Muir, and William Wordsworth created two different pieces that express their connection between man and…

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  • The Empire Of Trauma Summary

    The first chapter of the book ‘The Empire of Trauma’ by Fassin and Rechtoman, examines the origin or the genealogy of the concept of trauma. The authors wrote that the concept of trauma has a dual genealogy, one that is scientific and one that is moral. Both the scientific and moral genealogy are rooted in the nineteenth century Europe. Fassin and Rechtoman argue that the “reconfiguration of the relationship between trauma and victim, in which the victim gains legitimacy as trauma comes to…

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  • Transcendentalism In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

    Transcendentalism was first practiced by the likes of Henry David Thoreau in the mid eighteenth century. Displeased with society, Thoreau moved into a one room shack, isolated in the woods, where he wrote Walden. Transcendental ideas have been preserved throughout time by people like Chris McCandless. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, details McCandless’s journey all over the nation after graduating at Emory University. All in all, transcendental ideas have proven to be very relevant today. Not…

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  • Ulysses And The Sirens Poem Analysis

    Throughout the years Greek Mythology has influenced art and literature. It was created to teach people using stories about their gods. For example, the myth of the Sirens from The Odyssey teaches us to use logic to resist temptation and move forward with our lives. Ulysses, Latin for Odysseus, and his men are sailing back to their home Ithaca, when the stumble upon Sirens. They must stay strong and resist temptation so they can continue their journey. In the painting, Ulysses and The Sirens,…

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  • Diary Entry Of Solomon Radasky's Diary

    Diary Entry 1 March 21, 1943 My name is Solomon Radasky. I was born on May 17, 1910. My life has been pretty hard. I live in Warsaw, Poland. Now, the Nazis have overrun the city, forcing us to stay here in the ghetto. I used to live with my mom, my dad, my 3 sisters, and my 2 brothers. Sadly, they were all killed. My mother and older sister were killed at the end of January. My father was killed in April. He was trying to smuggle food into the ghetto. In July, my 2 brothers and 2 other…

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  • The Dunwich Horror Summary

    This story begins with the narrator describing the town of Dunwich for many pages talking about how old it is and how it was home to many strange things. It then flashes back to a child being born by the name of Wilbur who was the son of the Whatelys. These people were known to be born of inbreeding which may have been the cause of the son maturing way quicker than any other normal child. By the age of 1 he was able to speak perfectly and a few years later could walk and run perfectly. At 7 this…

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