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WEPS3 Fireball wants to voluntarily resign instead of discharge for “good of the service” and wants to know what type of discharge she would receive for this. You state she would receive
Other than honorable (OTH)

Chapter 12.A.2.d.1 Personal Manual
CWO4 Ole wants to retire but is unsure where to send the retirement letter. You look it up and let CWO4 Ole know to send the letter to:
CGPPC (opm-1)
You are reviewing a discharge packet for EM2 Shock and notice she is eligible for a discharge board. In order to qualify for a discharge board, how many years of service must EM2 currently have?
8 years
Administrative Separation Board Manual,

COMDTINST M1910.2 (series) Chapter 1.b.2
OSC Jones just retired and wishes to know how long he has after his retirement date to file for a PRRB. You state:
PRRB applications must be received by HQ within 1 yr

PERSMAN Ch 14-B-3-f
5) SK2 Money is due to transfer from an OCONUS unit to another OCONUS unit and wishes to know what kind of housing allowance they will receive while in transit. You tell SK2 Money:
The member would receive BAH-II in transit from OCOUNS to OCONUS, because OHA stops the day the member moved out of their housing. IAW PAY Manual CH 3.C.12.f
Upon receipt of orders, within how many days should the overseas interview be completed?
You have 10 working days to complete the overseas interview once you receive overseas orders. Personal Manual Ch 4.H.2.2
7) You are researching information for your CPO. One question asked is how much money is death gratuity. You state:
100,000 per ALCOAST 178/08
8) Your CO is determining overseas suitability for a member who is due to depart for an overseas tour. Your CO has a concern as asks you who may also assist her in determining suitability. You say:
Per the Personal Manual Ch 4.h.2.3.G
At the commanding officer’s request, a chaplain also may assist in determining overseas suitability.
IS2 Pacific received an uncharacterized separation and asks you which type of discharge certificate he will receive. After reviewing a few manuals, you state to IS2 his certificate will be
He will not receive a discharge certificate only a DD-214.

Ref: Personnel Manual ART 12.B.20.c
10) AET2 Helo wants to obtain SGLI coverage after previously electing to cancel SGLI. You inform the member to elect coverage he must first complete form
SGLV 8285
11) Once a member has been declared a deserter, what form needs to be filled out and where does the original go?
Form DD 553 needs to be filled out once the member was declared deserter. The original DD Form 553 gets sent to CGPC (adm-3)
BM2 Float is due to extend soon. BM2 asks you what is the least amount of time he can extend for. You inform BM2 he can extend for a minimum of?
1 year, unless he is attached to an afloat unit or for PCS orders. If he is afloat, then any number of full months to complete a deployment.
Personnel manual
1.G.15. Periods of Extensions of Enlistment
12) PS1 Field is assigned to PSU 307. She would like to know how much extra money per drill she is entitled to. You inform PS2 is entitled to per drill.

PPPM 6-D-3
13) SNSK Moore is getting discharged from a school and came straight from boot camp, what type of certificate will he get?
Uncharacterized Discharges. No discharge certificate will be issued to a member awarded an uncharacterized discharge. Only a DD-214 will be issued.
14) IC1 Self just gave birth to a child and wants to know how long she has to enroll her newborn into DEERS. You state she has .
If you have not registered your child in DEERS within one year (365 days) of his or her birth or adoption, DEERS will show "loss of eligibility" on day 366, and your child will no longer be able to receive TRICARE benefits until he or she is registered in DEERS.
In order to receive a discharge pin, how many days of active duty must be completed?
30 days

12.b.52 pers manual
CWO4 Home wants to retire and is not sure when to submit her memo. She asks you what is the maximum amount of time she can put in her request? You state:
one year is the max and 6 months is the minimum
Reference PERSMAN 12.c.9.a.1.c
16) SN Sands was reviewing her LES and noticed she is paying Federal Taxes. She asks you what the federal tax rate is. You state:
The tax rate is based on how much you make and by your filing status
17) PS3 Spies’ end of enlistment is approaching. PS3 wants to now what is the minimum amount of time a reserve can re-enlist for?
18) Members SPO PDR should be forwarded to another SPO when the member is TAD, ADSW-AC or ADSW-RC in excess of ______ days or more.
60 days.

PDR manual chapter 4-3
19) IS3 Secret enrolled her husband in Tricare Dental Program but wishes to cancel it. She asks you how long she must remain enrolled in TDP before she can cancel. You state:
12 months
20) FS1 Food brings you his DD-214 and wonders what her reenlistment code of RE-4 stands for. You being the great yeoman that you are inform her it means
RE-4=Not eligible for reenlistment.

The code was under COMDTINST M1900.4D
21) ENS House wishes to register an allotment for his child who is 17. You state to ENS allotments may not be registered to children under _______ years old.
16 years old.

Pay Manual 7.4.b
22) The maximum amount of RMP drills a reserve can perform per FY is ________.
Reserve Policy Manual 2.a.5.b
OS1 Wave enrolled his spouse in Tricare and wonders when her medical coverage will begin. You state:
As long as your regional contractor receives your completed enrollment application by the 20th of the month, your coverage will begin on the first day of the next month. The application must be received by the 20th of the month, not postmarked by the 20th of the month. If the form is received after the 20th of the month, then coverage begins on the first day of the second month following receipt of your application.
While performing a PDR check, you come across a 3303. What do you do with it?
you would make sure that it has been sent to CGPC (adm-3) for imaging. It is not to be kept in the SPO PDR.
26) SN Advance is striking YN and is looking over the SSIC and wonders what the last digit in the SSIC reflects. You state the last digit reflects a
The last digit reflects a tertiary subject. Correspondence manual, 2-2. (section 2, paragraph 2.)
27) You have a member who would like to know more information about FSSA and asks what rate is payable for FSSA. You state FSSA is payable at the rate of
FSSA can not exceed $500 per month and eligibility is based on member's monthly income and household size. This information can be found and referenced in Chapter 3 of the CG Pay Manual
28) HS2 Hope has just cancelled SGLI for her spouse. How many days after cancellation does the SGLI continue to run at no cost to member?
120 days Chapter 5 PPPM