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What key should be used within the Registry to set/change the license name?
To add devices to a laptop using a credit card sized Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA). What are the different standards?
PCMCIA cards are available in:
1) Type I, up to 3.3 mm, for memory;
2) Type II, up to 5.5 mm, for modem and network cards;
3) Type III, up to 10.5 mm, for portable disk drives.
What option should you configure in the Driver Signing Options dialog box to prevent users from updating drivers?
Configure driver signing for 'Block.'
If you are having trouble with your fax device, how do you troubleshoot?
If a device connected to your computer doesn't appear in the Device manager, you can get some hints on troubleshootng via the Troubleshooting Wizard
How do you verify or change the setting for the screen area?
Control Panel, Display Properties, Settings.
In XP, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface(ACPI) specifies six different levels of power status, including:
-Complete shutdown of PC;
-Standby (3 Levels);
-Fully active PC.
What steps should be taken in XP Pro to add a second processor to an existing single processor machine, so that the second processor is recognized when it is installed?
Update the driver to support multiple processors.
What utility should be used to configure the keyboard and mouse properties such as keyboard speed and the mouse pointer rate?
The Control Panel.
Once configured for multiple-display support, everything works will with Windows apps. However, you do not see your MS-DOS apps properly displayed. What are the options?
Run the application in full screen mode.
List some common errors associated with USB configurations:
-Malfunctioning or incorrectly configured USB hardware;
-Mismatched cabling;
-BIOS and firmware may not be up to date;
-Root hum may not be properly configured.
On XP Pro computer, there is no item created for the MMC by default. How do you open the console?
Start --> Run --> type 'MMC' in Run dialog box.
What do you need to do so that a user can be in standby mode when she closes and opens her laptop (as opposed to having to restart each time she reopens the machine)?
Configure Advanced Power Options to "Standby When I Close the Lisd of My Portable Computer."
Discuss how the Registry Editor is used?
The Registry is a database used by the OS to store configuration information. The Registry editor program is used to edit the Registry, designed for advanced configuration changes that can only be made directly thru the Registry (for experienced administrators).
What promary utility that supports full editing of the Windows XP Registry should be used to edit the Registry, including settin security on the Registry keys?
What is driver signing?
Micosoft now promotes a mechanism called driver signing as a way to ensure that drivers are properly tested before they are released to the public.
A user wants to set up a dual monitor work area for use with an XP computer. What must be done?
-Install an adapter for each monitor to be configured;
-Use PCI or AGP adapters.
What does HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE provide?
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE provides computer hardware configuration info used regardless of the logon user.
What is processor affinity?
When you configure multiple processors (XP can support computers with up to two processors), you can associate each processor with specific processes running on the computer by setting processor affinity.
Through which ports can you connect capture devices to Windows XP Professional with WIA technology?
-IEEE 394;
-Universal Serial Bus (USB);
-Small Computer System Interface (SCSI).
A new device should connect to your computer thru the serial or USB port but will not connect thru USB, what should be done after verifying you have the latest drivers via the HCL and you know the hardware works well on a W2K machine via USB?
Verify that an IRQ has been assigned to the USB controller in the computers's BIOS.
Explain the three options in the Driver Signing Options dialog box:
-Ignore Option: XP installs all files, signed or not, no message;
-Warn Option: XP displays warn message before installing unsigned file (default setting);
-Block Option: XP prevents installation of any unsigned file. Error message provided but cannot proceed.
Which actions should you take to minimize battery use for users who spend some time in the office and some on the road?
-Create two hardware profiles and disable the modem and network card in the profile that will be used when traveling.
What does HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG provide?
HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG provides configuration of the hardware profile that is used during system startup.
What is the process the MS uses with XP to ensure drivers on your computer are properly tested and verified?
Driver Signing
List the Registry keys:
What utility can be used to manually configure a network card that is not Plug and Play and has not been recognized after installation, upon restart (assume you have the XP driver)?
Control Panel/Add and Remove Hardware
Plug and Play technology uses a combination of hardware and software allowing OS to automatically recognize & configure new hardware w/out user intervention. List other features of XP P & P?
-Automatic and dynamic recognition of installed hardware;
-Automatic resource allocation;
-Determination of correct driver for hardware support;
-Support for interaction w/ P & P system;
-Support for power management features.
Which utility is used to configure fax support in Windows XP?
Control Panel, Fax
Explain a device driver:
A device driver is software that allows a specific piece of hardware to communicate with the XP OS. Most devices on the HCL have drivers that are included on the XP Pro CD.
Which utility can be used to report what percentage of battery power is still available and whether or not hibernation has been configured?
Control Panel/Power Management.
List the Power Management enhancements provided w/ XP:
-Better boot & resume capabilities; Better power efficiency;
-Wake on support (phone call or network request);
-Power management policies for individual devices;
-Power management features for apps designed to be used w/ power mgt (ie Presentation apps).
How many monitors can XP support by extending your Desktop?
XP Pro allows you to extend Desktop across 10 monitors, which means applications can be spread across multiple monitors. A video adapter must be installed for each monitor w/ either a Peripheral Connection Interface (PCI) or an Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) video adapter cards.
List the options for which XP includes new device and hardware support:
-Windows Image Acquisition Architecture (WIA);
-Better support for digital audio and video;
-Dualview multi-monitor support.
What is the component of Windows that allows P & P support for WIA devices?
The Imaging Class Installer is the component of Windows that allows P & P support for WIA devices.
What are the troubleshooting guidelines for problems with multiple display support?
-The Extend My Windows Desktop onto this Monitor option not available;
-No output appears on secondary display;
-An application is not properly displayed.
What does HKEY_CURRENT_USER provide?
HKEY_CURRENT_USER provides configuration information for the suer who is currently logged on; a subkey of HKEY_USERS key.
List the software components tohe make up Windows Image Acquisition (WIA):
Scanner & Camera Wizard; Extensions to Win Explorer User Interface (UI); WIA applications; Imaging Class Installer; WIA scripting interface; Common system dialog devices; Device objects; WIA Device Manager.
What is used to support the development of WIA applications thru scripting languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic?
The WIA scripting interface is used to support the development of WIA applications thru scripting languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic.
What does HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT provide?
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT provides configuration info used by Windows Explorer to properly associate file types with applications.