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True or false. Windows XP Professional includes support for Internet Connection Firewall.
True or false. Windows XP Professional includes support for the IEEE 1594 standard.
False. There is new support for the IEEE 1394 standard.
True or false. Windows XP Professional includes new support features such as Remote Assistance and driver rollback capabilities.
The minimum memory that is supported by Windows XP Professional is ________.
The minimum amount of disk space required by Windows XP Professional is ________.
True or false. Windows XP Professional can support up to four processors.
False. Windows XP Professional supports computers with one or two processors.
Define the system partition.
The system partition contains the MBR and the system files needed to boot the Windows XP Professional operating system. This is the active partition by default, usually the C: drive.
List the three file systems that are supported for hard drives by Windows XP Professional.
File Allocation Table(FAT16), FAT32, and New Technology File System(NTFS)
Which two options must be available on the network if you want to install Windows XP Professional into a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 domain?
A domain controller for the domain and a DNS server
What is the purpose of product activation?
Product activation is Microsoft's way of reducing software piracy.
What is the name and location of the action log that includes all of the actions that were performed during the setup process and a description of each action?
True or false. You use the F2 key to specify that you are using a third-party disk driver during the installation of Windows XP Professional.
False. You would use the F6 key.
True or false. RIS is used for remote installations of Windows XP Professional on PCE-compliant computers.
False. It should be PXE-compliant computers.
List the two types of images that can be configured for an RIS server.
A CD-based image and a Remote Installation Preparation(RIPrep) image.
Which utility is used to create disk images for Windows XP Professional automated deployment?
The System Preparation Tool, or Sysprep
Which type of automated installation would you use if you do not use RIS services and want to use automated installation with a distribution server?
Unattended installation
What is the primary purpose of the Setup Manager utility?
To create answer files(automated installation scripts) that are used to answer the questions that appear during a normal Windows XP Professional installation
List the three automated deployment options that can use unattended answer files.
Windows XP unattended installation, Sysprep(disk imaging) install, and Remote Installation Services(RIS)
True or false. The partition that will hold RIS installation images must be NTFS and must not contain the operating system files.
List the three network services that are required by the RIS server.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP)server,
Domain Name System(DNS)server, and Active Directory
Which two user rights must be configured for the RIS installation to work properly?
Join a Computer to a Domain and Log On as a Batch Job
Which Sysprep switch should you use to force the Setup program to run Plug and Play detection of hardware?
List the three types of packages that can be installed through Windows Installer packages.
Microsoft Installer(MSI) format, repackaged applications(MSI files), and ZAP files
True or false. When you assign an application through Windows Installer packages, users can install the application through Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs icon.
False. An assigned package is automatically installed when the user selects the application on the Programs menu or by document invocation(by the document extension).
True or false. If you want to preserve Windows NT 4 Workstation users and groups, you should perform a clean install.
False. If you want to preserve existing Windows NT 4 users and groups, you should perform an upgrade.
True or false. You can directly upgrade to Windows XP Professional from Windows 95.
False. There is no direct upgrade path to Windows XP Professional from Windows 95.
List the four client upgrade paths to Windows XP Professional .
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4 Workstation, and Windows 2000 Professional
True or false. You cannot upgrade to Windows XP Professional from any version of Windows NT Server.
You need a ________ or higher processor to upgrade to Windows XP Professional.
True or false. Any hardware that is supported by Windows 98 is also supported by Windows XP Professional.
False. You should check the Windows XP HCL for hardware compatibility.
Which switch can you use with the WINNT32 program to create a Windows XP Compatibility Report to be used with an upgrade?
True or false. If you have a Windows 98 computer that uses third-party quota management software, there is a good chance that the software will work with Windows XP Professional.
False. Applications that use file-system filters, such as third-party antivirus software and disk-quota management software, won't work under Windows XP.
True or false. Windows 98 applications that support compressed drives and disk defragmenters are likely to work with Windows XP Professional.
False. Third-party applications for Windows 98 that support compressed drives, disk defragmenters, and disk utilities are not supported by Windows XP.
True or false. Windows 98 applications that use virtual device drivers will work with Windows XP Professional.
False. Any application or utilities that use virtual device drivers(VxDs) or 386 drivers are not supported by Windows XP Professional.
True or false. Before you upgrade to Windows XP Professional, you should perform a disk scan, a current virus scan, and disk defragmentation.
Which Windows XP Professional utility is used by administrators to migrate users from one computer to another via a command-line utility?
The User State Migration Tool(USMT)
Which Control Panel(Classic view) icon is used to allow you to install, remove, and troubleshoot your hardware?
Add or Remove Hardware
Which Control Panel(Classic view) icon is used to configure power schemes, hibernation, and ACPI(Advanced Configuration Power Interface)?
Power Options
What are the three main areas of configuration in Computer Management?
System Tools, Storage, and Services & Applications
Which utility allows you to view hardware resources, including the device's interrupt request(IRQ), I/O port address, memory address, and Direct Memory Access(DMA) settings?
Device Manager
True or false. The MMC provides a common environment for snap-ins, which are administrative tools developed by Microsoft or third-party vendors.
List the five Registry keys that are available on all Windows XP Professional computers.
What is the primary purpose of Windows XP Professional driver signing?
Driver signing is a way of ensuring that drivers are properly tested before they are released to the public.
True or false. In order to set up multiple-display support, you must have a display adapter installed for each monitor, and you must use PCI or AGP display adapter cards.
What is hibernation used for in Windows XP Professional?
With hibernation, anything that is stored in memory is also stored on your hard disk.
What is the primary purpose of Advanced Configuration Power Interface(ACPI)?
ACPI allows you to reduce the power consumption of your computer which is important for laptops that are running from battery power.
True or false. USB is an external bus standard that is used to connect USB devices through a USB port. USB supports transfer rates up to 12Mbps and can support up to 56 devices.
False. A single USB port can support up to 127 devices.
Which utility can you use to set processor affinity?
Task Manager
If you are using Windows XP Professional Multilanguage version, which utility do you use to switch between languages in the UI?
How can you configure your computer to show Administrative Tools and Logoff in the Start menu?
The Advanced tab of the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box(Start Menu Settings section) has options for configuring Start menu features such as Administrative Tools.
True or false. Shortcuts can exist in various locations, including on the Desktop, on the Start menu, and within folders.
What language support is offered by localized versions of Windows XP Professional?
Localized versions include the ability to view, edit, and print documents in different languages
What Control Panel icon is used to configure multilingual editing and viewing of documents?
Regional Options through the Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options
Which version of Windows XP Professional offers support for the user interface(UI) in different languages?
Multilanguage Version Windows XP
Which icon in Control Panel is used to configure keyboard, sound, display, mouse, and general properties of Windows XP Professional for users with limited sight, hearing, or mobility?
Accessibility Options
What is the purpose of FilterKeys?
FilterKeys ignores brief or repeated keystrokes.
What is the purpose of the Accessibility Wizard?
The Accessibility Wizard configures a computer based on the user's vision, hearing, and mobility needs.
What is the purpose of the Utility Manager?
The Utility Manager allows you to start and stop accessibility utilities and determines whether these utilities are started with Windows XP or when the Utility Manager is started.
What is a service?
A service is a program, routine, or process that performs a specific function within the Windows XP operating system.
List the five built-in user accounts created on a computer that is installed with Windows XP Professional in a workgroup.
and Initial user
List the two types of users supported by Windows XP.
Local users and domain users
True or false. Users must log on to a Windows XP Professional computer before they can use that computer.
What keyboard sequence is used to access the logon dialog box if a computer is part of a domain?
Which utility is used to create users on a Windows XP Professional computer?
Local Users and Groups
Which two groups have permission to create users on Windows XP Professional computers?
Administrators and Power Users
True or false. A username and a group name can be the same on a Windows XP Professional computer.
True or false. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
List the three options that can be configured through the Profile tab of the user Properties dialog box.
User profile path, logon script, and home folder
What is a logon script?
Logon scripts are files that run every time a user logs on to the network. They are usually batch files, but they can be any type of executable file.
Which password policy specifies a higher level of encryption for stored user passwords?
Store Password Using Reversible Encryption for All Users in the Domain
What are account lockout policies used for?
The account lockout policies are used to specify how many invalid logon attempts should be tolerated.
What audit policy tracks when a user logs on, logs off, or makes a network connection?
Audit Account Logon Events
Which user right allows a user to create a computer account on the domain?
Add Workstations to the Domain
Which security option automatically logs off users if they have limited logon hours and their logon time has expired?
Automatically Log Off Users when Logon Time Expires
True or false. The default groups on Windows XP Professional computers are considered local groups.
Which default local group has permissions to back up and restore the file system, even if the file system is NTFS and the group members have not been assigned permissions to the file system?
Backup Operators
What is the primary purpose of the Guests group?
The Guests group is provided so that you can give people who are not regular users access to specific network resources.
True or false. The Power Users group can create, delete, and modify any user or group account.
False. They can modify or delete only user and group accounts they have created.
What is the primary purpose of the Replicator group?
The Replicator group is intended to support directory replication, which is a feature used by domain servers.
By default, which user is not a part of the Users local group?
What is the difference between an interactive user and a network user?
An interactive user is someone who uses the computer's resources locally. A network user is someone who accesses the computer's resources over a network connection.
True or false. Group names can be up to 256 characters.
True or false. A renamed group keeps all of its properties, including its members and permissions.
Which Group Policy setting forces the system to enable disk quota management on all NTFS volumes for the computer?
Enable Disk Quotas
Which Group Policy setting specifies that if users reach their quota limit, an entry will be added to the Event Viewer Application log?
Log Event when Quota Limit Exceeded
True or false. When configuring group policies through Start menu and Taskbar policies, you can configure users' Start menu and Taskbar options.
True or false. The mouse driver that a user prefers can be configured as a part of the user's profile.
True or false. By default, user profiles are created locally on the computer that the user account logs on to.
What is the default location of local user profiles?
The Documents and Settings folder
What is the definition of a roaming profile?
A roaming profile is stored on a network server and allows users to access their user profile, regardless of the client computer they have logged onto.
Which icon in the Control Panel can you use to copy a user's profile?
System, through the Performance and Maintenance option
Which utility can you use to configure a user account to use a roaming profile?
Local Users and Groups utility
True or false. Roaming profiles are read-only profiles by default.
True or false. Mandatory profiles can be configured exclusively with Windows XP Professional computers.
How do you create a mandatory user profile?
True or false. Only roaming profiles can be used as mandatory profiles. Mandatory profiles do not work for local user profiles.
What properties can be configured for a hardware profile?
A hardware profile can contain any hardware settings for the computer. Hardware profiles are typically used when a single computer uses different configurations.
How do you select which hardware profile your computer will use?
If more than one profile is configured, you see a selection menu during the Windows XP Professional boot process.
Which Windows XP Professional file system supports encryption?
What is the maximum volume size for a FAT32 partition?
2TB or 32GB if created with Windows XP
What command-line syntax can you use to convert your D:drive from FAT16 to NTFS?
CONVERT D:/fs:ntfs
Which two partition types are used with basic storage on a Windows XP Professional computer?
Primary partition and extended partition
True or false. Dynamic storage is recognized by Windows XP Professional and Windows NT 4 Workstations.
False. Dynamic storage is used only with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
What is a spanned volume?
A spanned volume consists of disk space on two or more dynamic drives; up to 32 dynamic drives can be used in a spanned volume configuration.
What is the maximum number of drives supported by a striped volume?
True or false. A striped volume is fault tolerant.
True or false. Only NTFS files and folders can be compressed.
True or false. You cannot have a folder or file compressed and encrypted at the same time.
What is the purpose of disk quotas?
Disk quotas are used to specify how much disk space a user is allowed on specific NTFS volumes. You can specify disk quotas for all users, or you can limit disk space on a per-user basis.
Which command-line utility can be used to encrypt files on NTFS volumes?
True or false. By default, the Show Hidden Files and Folders view is selected, so that files and folders with the Hidden attribute are listed.
What is the File Types tab of the Folder Options dialog box in Windows Explorer used to configure?
The File Types tab of the Folder Options dialog box is used to associate filename extensions with application file types.
What is the purpose of offline files and folders?
Offline files and folders allow network folders and files to be stored on Windows XP clients. Then, if the network location is not available, users can still access network files.
True or false. You can access only the offline folders that are stored on Windows XP computers.
Where in Windows Explorer do you configure your Windows XP Professional computer to use offline files and folders?
Select Folder Options from the Tools pull-down menu.
True or false. You can search for files and folders based on the filename or folder name, the text you are looking for, or the location that you want to look in.
List the six levels of NTFS permissions.
Full Control,
Read & Execute,
and Write
Who can create shared folders?
To share a folder, you must be logged on as a member of the Administrators or Power Users group.
The ________ shared folder option specifies how folders are cached when the folder is offline.
List three types of share permissions.
Full Control,
and Read
______________ is the default permission on shared folders for the Everyone group.
Full Control
The ________ command-line utility can be used to map a network drive.
At logon, a(n) ____________ is created for the logon account.
access token
When a resource is accessed, Windows XP Professional checks the ____________ to see if the user should be granted access.
discretionary access control list (DACL)
True or false. Through General Network Adapter properties, you can configure the protocols your network adapter will use.
Which network protocol is installed on Windows XP Professional computers by default?
The ________ is used to specify which part of the IP address is the network address and which part is the host address.
subnet mask
You configure the _______ IP configuration option if the network contains routers.
default gateway
Which two options are used to resolve NetBIOS computer names to IP addresses?
WINS server and LMHOSTS
Dynamic IP configuration assumes that you have a ____________ server on your network.
The ____________ command is used to send an ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol) echo request and echo reply to verify if the remote computer is available.
____________ is Microsoft's implementation of the Novell IPX/SPX(Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange) protocol stack.
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport
________ are used to enable communication between your network adapter and the network protocols that are installed.
How do you define a printer in Windows XP terminology?
A printer is the software interface between the physical printer(the print device) and the operating system.
In Windows XP terminology, what is the difference between a logical port and a physical port?
A physical port is a port that the print device is directly attached to. A logical port is used when the print device is attached directly to the network through a network card.
Which groups can create printers by default?
Administrators and Power Users
What is a printer pool?
Printer pools are used to associate multiple print devices with a single logical printer.
How can you redirect a print job to another printer?
To redirect print jobs, add a new port, highlight New Port, and choose New Port Type. In the Port Name dialog box, type the UNC name of the printer you want to redirect jobs to.
When would you use printer priority?
You use printer priority when you have multiple printers that are associated with a single print device and you want jobs from one printer to be serviced before jobs from another printer.
Which print option would you configure if you did not want jobs to be deleted from the print queue after they are printed?
Keep Printed Documents
True or false. Windows XP provides a default separator page that can be used by all print devices.
What can a user with the Manage Printers print permission do?
A user or group with this permission can pause and restart the printer, change the spooler settings, share or unshare a printer, change print permissions, and manage printer properties.
True or false. You can audit print events, including the Print, Manage Printers, Manage Documents, Read Permissions, Change Permissions, and Take Ownership events.
Which print management option can you use to restart a print job that had already started printing?
Which print permission does a user need to attach to a network printer?
True or false. When you configure modem properties, you can configure the speaker volume for the modem, maximum port speed, and dial control to wait for a dial tone before dialing.
List the two connection methods that can be used with VPNs.
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol(PPTP)or Layer Two Tunneling Protocol(L2TP)
What is a smart card used for in remote access?
A smart card is special hardware used to ensure secure communications.
True or false. Non-Microsoft clients are able to use the MS-CHAP protocol for dial-in user authentication.
What is the difference between the SLIP and PPP protocols?
PPP offers more features and is used by Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. SLIP offers fewer features and is used by some UNIX servers.
What is the advantage of a virtual private network(VPN)?
A VPN allows you to connect your remote computer to a private network through a public network such as the Internet.
True or false. You must specify the NetBIOS computer name of the server that you will connect to through a VPN connection when you set up the VPN client.
True or false. With Internet Connection Sharing, multiple clients can share a single Internet connection.
True or false. The computer that will host Internet connection sharing should use a static IP address.
What are the two Internet services that are supported by IIS when IIS is installed on a Windows XP Professional computer?
If you required access to a secure website, what request would you use instead of http:\\?
Which protocol is used to support Internet printing services?
Internet Printing Protocol(IPP)
True or false. The Performance Monitor utility is used to monitor system performance in Windows XP.
False. You use System Monitor.
Which MMC snap-in is used to load the Windows XP System Monitor utility?
The ActiveX utility is used to load the System Monitor utility.
Which command-line utility shows the version of Windows you are using and whether or not any service packs have been applied?
A __________ is a snapshot of how your computer is currently performing.
Which option in Performance Logs and Alerts is used to generate an event such as notification if a specific value is over or under the value you set?
Which counters are added to System Monitor by default?
No counters are added by default.
What is a trace log used for?
Trace logs are used to measure data continuously.
What value in the Memory>Available MBytes System Monitor counter indicates a memory bottleneck?
A value less than 4MB indicates a memory bottleneck.
Which System Monitor memory counter is used to track the number of times the requested information was not in memory and needed to be retrieved from disk?
The ________ utility shows all of the applications and processes that are currently running on the computer.
Task Manager
Which icon in Control Panel is used to configure application performance based on whether the application is being processed in the foreground or background?
Which icon in Control Panel is used to schedule tasks to occur at specified intervals?
Scheduled Tasks
Which Windows XP utility is used to track all of the information about your computer's software and hardware?
Event Viewer
List the five types of events that are tracked through Event Viewer.
Success Audit,
and Failure Audit
What is the BOOT.INI file used for?
The BOOT.INI file is used to build the operating system menu choices that are displayed during the boot process. It is also used to specify the location of the boot partition.
What is the purpose of the BOOTSECT.DOS file?
The BOOTSECT.DOS is an optional Windows XP boot file that is used to load an alternate operating system if the computer is configured for dual-booting or multi-booting.
How can you create a Windows XP boot disk?
Format the floppy disk through the Windows XP operating system, and then copy the NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM, NTBOTTDD.SYS(optional), and BOOT.INI files to the floppy disk.
How do you access Windows XP Professional advanced startup options?
Press F8 when prompted during the Windows XP boot sequence to bring up the Advanced Options menu.
True or false. When you boot a Windows XP Professional computer in Safe Mode, the Windows XP configuration is simplified as much as possible.
Which command starts the application that detects and displays information about application and program failures?
Which command-line utility would you use to access the System Configuration utility?
What information can be backed up and restored using Automated System Recovery(ASR)?
The system information that is backed up by ASR includes System State data, system services, and disk configuration information.
Which utility ships with Windows XP and provides backup services?
What is Recovery Console used for?
The Recovery Console allows limited access to the FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS volumes without starting the Windows XP Professional graphical interface.